Site Update

So after playing around with cpanel and getting used to it I’ve made quite a mess. I’ve cleaned up most of it and deleted the forum as it was kind of dead. As in never went anywhere and just generally I was playing around with everything.
This probably wasn’t the best idea.

But I’ve also changed the theme and updated a bit on this WordPress site.

Yay, Website finally back up!

So after about a month of mucking around I finally got my website fixed and on its own server.

I’m using Net Virtue at the moment and everything seems to be running fine.
Over the next few days I’m going to try to integrate WordPress with myBB.

Portal 2 Turret Opera

After coming across this again from a link on some page, I watched this on repeat for a while.
It’s a good song and from one of the best game endings in a while.

A game that’s set apart from this generation.