Punishment for What?

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How many times have you watched the sun disappear below the land, you wouldn’t know. Because who in their right mind would?

My answer, I lost count.

From my limited memory I was only able to count 99 999 before I couldn’t remember what comes after. So each time I reach it I count it as 1 mark.

I’ve reached 3 marks and 85 293 sunsets before I forgot my number.

Some of you may be wondering why someone would count there Sunsets. At the time that was my way of wondering how long I was on that planet. During that time I could barely remember my own name properly. So counting my Sunsets seemed a good way to remember at the time, that was until I fell and woke up again and remembered “This is your punishment!”.

‘Punishment for What?’

Mermaid Curse

Note: More old crap.
Mermaid Curse

I walked towards the old well to get a bucket of water for the master, I wasn’t a slave. I was treated like friend, but little did I know about the magic he possessed and the people who wanted it. I used to think the strangers that came by were smug and stupid, I never noticed how they left with their eyes glazed over.

That was until a witch came and I was used as a bargaining chip. However it didn’t bother me much, because in what the new age called a disability. I have some might say a flaw. That is why my master wanted me to live with him and what I later found out what he was studying magic for. To find a cure for me, because he loved me and not once did I notice.

Until he told me on his dyeing breath and everything went black. My mind shook as the walls I’d built up from the horrors I saw as I grew up. Until then I had no emotion and no free will, just as I noticed it was too late. I woke up roped to a wall, my arms spread apart and I was naked.

Standing in front of me she chanted, her eyes seemingly looking out past me as the pain started racking through my body and not once did I utter a single sound. I had forgotten how.

The pain was intense and I ended up passing out. When I awoke she had changed me, cursed me to endlessly walk this earth. Some might say this is a gift, I’ll tell you otherwise.

These days I’m my usually emotionless self. I say usually because my mind is jumbled again. On occasion I can pull myself together, although not for long because the effort exhaust’s me. I escaped the witch, well sort of anyway. I don’t know how long I was there, I was blindfolded half the time.

My rescuer’s left me here and for generations I have woken up and played, the only part of my mind that stays active. I look like your usual preteen girl, only I don’t talk. Like at all except when I’m myself again and usually I’m not together long enough to speak. Still I’m trapped here and it’s not that I mind. Usually all I can do is watch as my body goes about its normal routine. Wakeup, eat some food, play, get real curios about things (the shinier the better), listen to the man who comes by each day and talks to me and then I go on adventures. I can’t do much after that except read as the logical part of my brain takes its turn. Then I fall asleep again at the bottom of my little lake.

And yes I know it’s confusing, but I’ll just tell you about my little curse. The name explains it all, The Mer-Curse or in my case the Mermaid Curse.

Water turns my legs into a tail and my voice can lure people to their graves, you know the drill. Some would think being immortal is just an added bonus, I just don’t care.

The people here think I’m some Godly thing so they bring me food or offerings as they call them and ask me for things. But because of my disability I usually just want to play games with them, not understanding what they want until another emotion takes over and I pull myself back together.

There not allowed to visit me after lunch because I’m on my little adventures that don’t really harm anyone. Over the years of collected knowledge I got from the witch and books I’ve read, I know a lot. I can heal nearly anything with water, the curse came with an affinity for water you might say. So I hardly ever leave my pond, some say I act like a toddler. There right of course, my mind is still muddled.

Not all roads End in Death

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Alone – Ah! My Goddess (Not all roads End in Death)

Set after the Anime and OVA Series.

Looking down at the view screen after having a quick break, Peorth noticed a small anomloly.

“Bug in at section 19367, send of team of debuggers. Looks like a big one.” She said to Goddess next to her.

“Sending request, Done.” Replied one of the Goddesses.

2 minutes later Heavens Time.






“Find out what the infection is!!” Yelled a distressed Peorth

“Found the virus!” Yelled one of the others.

“Isolate it and run a vaccine.”

“Isolated, vaccine running.”


“What happened?”

No answer.

Turning her head to look at her follow Goddesses she saw the giant view screen and saw through hologram a giant pressure pushing against an unseen force. Giant swirls twisting and intervening in varying degree of silvers, reds and whites.

The object itself was bringing itself into reality, in front of Heaven itself.


I giant shock wave shook the earth as a massive white light collided with the object in question and the then the object froze all movement. But to the unseen, inside a mass was being created. The mass slowly forming into what looked like a young girl with silver eyes, white hair and what looked like ears protruding from the top of her head. Armor shining silver surrounded her and interweaved, a half cape red with gold trim stitched itself together behind the figure. A sword almost as big as a claymore clasped in her hand with archaic symbols running down the blade.

Everyone stood around gaping at the sight of their father intervening, the light trying to overcome the immovable swirls now formed in a giant oval covered almost all of it surface.

Almost like it was waiting the swirls instantly started pushing maddeningly against the light, pushing it back slowly.

10 minutes before.

Valkeriys requested for deployment at the administration building.

Orders to capture anomaly above Ground A and move to Facility 193.

‘193’ Lin thought, ‘that’s the for highest Gods around, the strongest we’ve got’

8 minutes later.

Valkeries prepared below the arc of swirls and white light in a frenzy preparing stations.

3 minutes later.

The swirls began parting as if it was being slowly drained away, another boom accompanied a blast like meteor just landed. The white light at the ground moved to the now dusty crater, nothing was there.

Then there was massive pin drop sound, the sound of plates moving. A figure removed itself from imbedded in the ground, no markings adorned its face.

‘Impossible’ many thought, no mortal can enter the heavens.

The figure now recognized as a young girl.

Power instantly flared and she disappeared from view, as if she wasn’t there.

The light enveloping all was flashing moving quickly to fight an invisible enemy, no one could see the girl fighting their father. No blur just the instinct to get out of there now, many started leaving the scene as quickly as possible.

Whoever could hold their own against Kami-Sama was too much for them.

Ice Prison

Note: Wrote a while ago


Ice Prison


So cold, I’m numb all over. Why? I can’t feel anything. I can’t smell anything, I’m scared. I can’t see, I can’t open my eyes. I feel cold. Every bone in my body feels like ice and my minds fuzzy. I try to reach out mentally and smash into a solid wall sending my mind haywire. And just as this was sending me crazy a massive pressure was released from body. I felt it now, the ice in my stomach. Memories rushing back in waves. I felt my body start healing, I still couldn’t move. Still nothing.

I felt cold and wet, my nose was burning and my throat raw. My mind was in frenzy, trying to reach out to anything to keep me sane. But finding nothing. When the pain smacked into me I couldn’t suppress it, there was nothing for my mind to hold onto. Memories and feelings jumbled up. Images flashing by with no meaning. A new hurt forming in my chest, what was happening and why am I hurting. My mind trying desperately to help me sought through the onslaught of pain and lost memories. Feeling combining to instinct and instinct taking over. Only to bring more pain. I couldn’t move and now I knew I was trapped. But why?

I helped my daughter into the room and sat her down in one of the chairs opposite the wall. She didn’t know what today was. Because today wasn’t meant to happen. Ages of knowledge was passed down from generation to generation. The girl in the ice was never allowed to be freed and today was her lucky day. She wouldn’t even know.

The raw energy that the sword generates was enough to power this whole facility and every square kilometre within 200 kilometre radius. We have been slowly unfreezing her and finding that more energy is released. No one knows what will happen today. But it’s being recorded for the top brass as a moment in history. So far the energy has expanded after being unfrozen about 300 square kilometres, with more each passing moment the ice is removed. This is against everything I was brought up for. But the funding that pours in each day negates that rule. They want more energy. So I give it to them.

I awoke again. My mind reaching out along with all of my senses to find nothing. My mind still hitting a wall. Sending pain through my body again.

I remember now. What happened? His betrayal.

The ice was nearly complety gone from around her leaving a girl trapped in a diamond polygon in ice. Wearing shining armour, as an ancient sword is protruding from her abdomen. She looked about 17 years old and had the wings of an angel. She’s older than most countries in the world and according to legend. The sword was never allowed to be taken out. It keeps her in an icy prison. She’ll die when she’s unfrozen and the sword has been taken out and then frozen again for scientific purposes that are none of my concern. I want the sword, that’s where the energy must be coming from.

Just as I was recapping what happened before this dark prison there was screaming pain that ripped out of my stomach. I felt it now, the sword that’s been my prison is being released. I’m still upset and oblivious to whatever I have done that deserved this cruel of a punishment.

The screaming pain rose to higher levels and I felt the dryness around me turn ice cold liquid. Senses coming online before I was ready and my mind reaching hundreds of others complete overwhelming me. My head felt like it was going to explode.

That’s when I hit something solid. Sending every sense on alert as they were still numb, wracking me with pain. I still couldn’t move. But I got an onslaught of noises and smells. I reached out with everything I had trying to put up a wall to everything. It worked for a brief second as the noise went to a deafening high. Smashing my wall to pieces and sending a wave outwards. The noises rose higher and the smell made me feel scared.

I drew back everything and tried to stand up to get away from this place. My stomach screamed in agony as it wasn’t healed yet. I opened my eyes and shut them straight away, to bright. I had also managed to see the sword in front of me. I held open my eyes and crawled towards it. As soon as I reached it I smashed it into the ground hoping it was solid enough. The sword bent and snapped in two, now I was free.

I gave the green light. Heat was disturbed to the chamber. The ice strangely didn’t melt at all. The sword must be taken out. That’s it.

“Take it out.” I called through.

Machines were aligned to the hilt and others to hold the ice in place. They began and the sword didn’t move.

It comes out a little with a little jolt and then another and another until it was free. The ice starting melting and the energy ratings shot through the roof. The girl fell to the floor the next minute and then she moved. But not much. Fear shot through me. Was this a mistake? Had I doomed us all?

Smash!! Windows broke and equipment flew everywhere. Wind smashed into me knocking me down. I got up to steady feet. Was that the energy?

The energy levels dropped and didn’t move. I stared in horror as the girl slowly opened her eyes and moved to the now distinguishable black sword. She smashed it into the floor with inhuman strength bending and then snapping the sword leaving an indent in the floor. I’ve doomed us all I thought. But the girl collapsed. Her wings twitched and then all there was was the rise and fall of her chest. What now??

I awoke to the sounds of clicks and movement all around me. Too loud, it was too loud. My eyes stung and my nose felt like its burning. I tried to move, something was holding me down. My minds jumbled again. I felt strangely slow like I’d hit my head and my ears were ringing. ‘Get out, I need to get out of here.’ I feel pain every time I push my mind out, but not mine. I don’t like it here.

Alone/ZnT FanFiction

Note: Alone Cross with ZnT.
Aeka Vita Armeria – Alone Main Character
As the massive cloud of smoke erupted, Louise felt like she was going to faint. Managing to stay awake through sheer force of will Louise desperately hoped she didn’t fail again. A failure like this would result in the end of her life as a noble.
Struggling to stand, the feeling of drowsiness and weightlessness started getting worse. Watching as the smoke started being blown away by wind, when a feeling of massive power started erupting from the smoke. Suddenly before the smoke could be all blown away, lightning started arcing around in the smoke and the drain felt worse. A headache formed, feeling like she would collapse any moment Louise held on as much as she could.
The feeling got even worse, sounds of earth cracking started driving nails through her head. Finally she felt whatever was happening almost instantly stop and then she welcomed the sleep that was waiting for her.
Meanwhile inside the smoke earth was combining together, forming a silver arch. Stopping at what looked like halfway completed before a blue glow emanated from the half completed gateway. Flowing down the arch until it suddenly snapped into a circle arching outwards.
A portal formed just as the smoke finally drifted away, almost as if it was protecting it from prying eyes.
Colbert instantly froze up as stunned whispers spread through the crowd, moving quickly Colbert ordered the students to stay where they were and moved to wake up Louise.
Aeka looked to the portal motioned Satio to go through, already confused Satio didn’t notice as she guided him through.
Everyone gasped as Saito walked through wandering what the strange device had been, as he looked around he groaned.

ZnT FanFiction Snip

Note: Fairly recent.
ZnT FanFiction

Saito looked at the strangely dressed foreigners and sweat dropped at the Pink haired Tsundere as she ranted about something in a strange language.

What were the chances of getting spontaneously summoned to some Fantasy Land where pink hair was, was it natural?

Ammy would know. “Eh, not like she was here.”

On second thought, he should probably call Ammy soon. The way the Tsundere’s waving what looks like a wand around he couldn’t help but think he was in a bad position. Especially if he was summoned here, all he had was Ammy’s Necklace if he got into any trouble.

Which he frequently did somehow.

Deciding now was the best time before anybody got any more excited, he promptly yelled “Ammy! Hurry up and get here!”

Turning he suddenly stepped back a bit, why were the looking at him like that and what was with the look the pinky was shooting him?

Before he could ponder further there was a loud bang. Similar to thunder and then sparks started flying around.

Another bang as lightning started pulling into a ball, each bang making it bigger and bigger and what looked like runes appearing on the ground. Winds started blowing towards the ball and then all of sudden there was a Woman standing at the exact spot the lightning used to.

Then Silence.

“AMMY! Why’d you take so long? Ow!” Breaking the stunned people back to reality as everyone turned back to the commoner and watched as the woman, with a tail, were those ears on her head?

Smacked him upside the head.

Still confused about what was going on, they watched as he was promptly kissed on the lips by the Pink Tsundere.

He yelled and passed out.

Daimakaicho Buffy

Note: Meh, got bored.


Hilds Limiters still on buffy

First gets a crush on Buffy?

Buffy remembers to hide a lot of her power but also can’t take the limiters off until she reaches a minimal level, and she will likely be allowed only to remove them on the level of maximum power that she can effectively control.

PTB try to kill Buffy, eventually come to an agreement 

StarEyed2 ‘s Challenge – People Buffy Summers Never Dressed Up As

Daimakaicho Hild (Oh My Goddess)

The white haired woman watched the chaos below her with violet eyes that glittered with amusement. It hadn’t taken long for Hild, the supreme ruler of Nifelheim, what mortals called Hell, to realize what had happened. The stink of chaos magic was all too clear to a being that had made it her life’s work to sow chaos among the mortal realms.

Normally she would have destroyed the mortal who had the gall to involve her in such a petty little scheme but the circumstances were just too good to waste. This realm had far too many Powers of Order, and no major Ruler of Chaos to counter them. She would take great enjoyment in correcting that.

And the tool she would use to do so couldn’t be more appealing.

She could already feel the body she inhabited adjusting to her presence, and the power she brought with her. Only a few minutes longer and the girl would wake to find that she was a Being of Chaos far stronger than any the local Powers of Order had used her as a tool to fight. In fact she would rival Hild herself, and the Daimakaicho was already taking steps to ensure that enough of her own memories and attitudes would remain that should the two ever meet it would be as allies, and not as enemies.

Ten minutes later a burst of light spread across the town, the spell ending in its wake, and Buffy Summers fell to the ground clutching her head as she tried to assimilate memories spanning the life of a universe, a crimson six pointed star blazing on her forehead.

Daimakaicho Buffy


‘Good and bad, but what’s in between?’ 
“BUFFY, Buffy?”
“Are you alright?” Willow asked as I steadily walked into the school library, Giles was rubbing his glasses particularly hard.
“No, I’m fine. I only got a Universe stuck in my head.” Buffy retorted and then regretted it is as Willow suddenly lit up with all manner of colors as she shrunk into herself. “Has anybody got any aspirin? Wait don’t worry, won’t do anything anyway.”
Buffy started rubbing her temples, trying to work her way through the memories of a life so far away, yet not that far at all. Scrunching up her nose and forehead ‘Wait, how does that work?’ and then promptly started rubbing her temples even harder. 

“Buffy? What was your costume?”
Turning to the speaker, Buffy realized Giles was speaking.
‘Don’t look at anyone….’ “Sorry, you’re all flashy.”
“Flashing how might I ask Buffy?” Giles replied
Biting the sarcastic retort that got caught in her throat Buffy replied
“Every time I look at you, colors keep dancing before my eyes and I think it might be a good Idea if I don’t come in the Library.”
“What why?! Is it something to with who dressed up as, because I just keep walking into things?” Willow babbled almost too quickly to not make out.
“Who did you dress up as Buffy?” Giles cut in before Willow got started again.
“I thought it was just some really weird dress, but um Daimakaicho Hild.” Buffy spoke in a different language towards the end and then slowly sunk down falling asleep as Willow and Giles caught her.

Burst Angel/ZnT Crossover

Note: Fairly recent snip.

Burst Angel/ZnT Crossover



Coughing away the dust created from the explosion out of her lungs Louise Le Blanc De La Valleire stared at the young woman lying in the middle of the explosion, wearing the weirdest color.
“That’s just like you Louise, to summon a commoner that isn’t even awake!”
“Professor Colbert, can’t I try again. I’ve never heard of a commoner being summoned?”
“I’m sorry Louise but the Familiar Summoning is a scared right, please contract your Familiar.”
‘Looking from here she’s look so peaceful, like Cattleya when she’s asleep’
“What am I thinking.”
Sighing Louise waved her wand “My name is Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere. Pentagon of the Five Elemental Powers; bless this humble being, and make her my familiar.”
Her Familiar didn’t even make a sound as the steam rose from her right hand as the familiar markings engraved into her skin.
Growing concerned Louise was wondering if she would wake up.
“Wake up familiar, I’m not carrying you!” And she still didn’t wake up.
“Louise the Zero! Can’t even wake her own Familiar up!” Yelled another student, getting Louise even more riled up.
But before she could say anything Colbert had already told everyone to head to next lessons, turning to her familiar wondering how she would get her to her room without embarrassing herself.
“Come on Louise, I’ll carry your familiar.” Called Colbert as her familiar started floating towards the Castle.
Hurrying to catch up, she chased after him.
“Stupid Familiar.” As her parting words

Alone Rewrite 4

Note: No idea what this was.

Alone Rewrite 4

I moved with unparalleled quickness through the crowd looking for my target. I caught her scent and moved in the direction it was coming from. There she was, standing amongst other people listening to the blasting music that was giving me difficulty tracking the man in black that were moving through the crowd blocking my escape routes. They know I’ll only appear at times like this. It’s an annoyance showing myself to the world that I hardly know anymore. Why I do this I don’t know and I don’t care. There making me intervene and it brings me distress and its destroying everything I worked hard to maintain.

They were beginning to corner me. The loud music renders me helpless to the surroundings. Makes it easier for them. But how did they know. The question that’s bugged me since I woke up, since I got out of my prison.

They were moving through the crowd still. Not knowing what to expect.

I moved quickly and silently so as to not let my prey know I’m right next to them. I was on them before they got within 5 meters of my target. I incapacitated the first and second men closet to her. They were like jackhammers responding to the threat before they knew what was happening. The next one had barley registered me before he was down too. Not good, still rusty. Normally I’d be done with them by now. The forth tried to block my first blow and ended up getting smashed into the ground unconscious. The fifth talked desperately to something that wasn’t there, confusing me for a second just before he was down as well. The men at the doors smelled afraid but stood ready for a strike. How wrong they were, they weren’t ready for me in the least.

The sound of something chopping the air outside the building awakened a distant memory, from my escape of the prison. I heart beat shot up and I moved too quick for a human eye to track and rendered another three unconscious. The crowd noticed the disturbances, moving away from my victims.

Alone – FanFic (Darkest Dreams)

Note: This is another rewrite of Alone.

Alone – FanFic (Darkest Dreams)


A Girl is dragged into a war that has never ended, the living dead. Unknowingly her bloodline has the power to call forth a being of incredible power, but is only available in dire need.

I know I suck at Summary’s…

Set in the Hellsing OVA series after Episode 7.


Oblivious to everyone else Millennium has another trick up there sleeve.

Using a young girl they planned to use her blood line to call forth a power greater than they could ever imagine.

The girl bound, gagged and blindfolded doesn’t even know what’s going on. She feels weak and the need to sleep.

For weeks she has been locked up in a small room, having little to eat and drink. Unable to see through the blindfold that covers the top of her forehead to the bridge in her nose.

She’s tried to remove it before and still tries now, holding it there is the strange stone set in knot. Emanating a strange power that continues to weaken her body and just as she wakes again she hears rattling noises, covering her ears from the yelling people around her she’s being loaded into crate. Unable to see and locked in a small box adding to her confusion.

Below her London is in flames.

Feeling the rumble she’s then thrown backwards and slammed into the crates side, pushing all the air out of her small body. Unknown to her the small plane rockets forward towards the ground at frightening speeds before climb upward again and landing in a clearing. Surrounding the area, Men with red eyes and Nazi symbol’s stitched into their clothing dart around continuing to clear the area and assemble symbols in vague archaic form around a massive circle indented into the ground. Joining the circle to each symbol and side crisscrossing lines overlap and in twine, creating a complex formation of lines. Symbols drawn, blood red in color are being drawn all around the circle and between lines.

In the center lies four poles that look like they’ve been rammed into the ground, attached to them chains and shackles lie in wait for their victim.

The girl, after been thrown around in the crate. Semi dazed is dragged out into the open, hungry glances turned her way. But turning away quickly to continue with tasks.

Half running, half dragged the girl is brought to the cent of the circle. Shackles attached around her ankles and wrists causing her to writhe in fear, again the hungry faces turn her way. Feeling the glances she slowly stops and the men move away to out skirts of the clearing. One man, or some would say monster kicked the girl to get up.

“SINGGG!” The monster next to her yells, shrinking away from the noise. She softly begins the song passed down to her from her Mother, as she sings she gains courage and sings louder building in tempo. The melodic voice drinking up everyone’s attention, including the unwanted attention moving away from their attention.

Coming to a pause in song that hasn’t been finished the man kicks her again, whimpering she starts back into the song. The man chanting next to her as she kept repeating her song, the whole area lighting up in a silver-red glow.

From afar Sir Integra along with her escort Section 13 looks towards the glow and turn towards it, sensing danger.

As the girl continues on with her song, the lullaby gets louder of its own accord. The girl unknowingly stops, getting another kick that nearly broke bones. Gasping she stands again and continues singing, the circle glowing brighter as spheres of light danced from the sky down towards them.

As the group spots the clearing and lights flashing they hear the faint lullaby pick up in tempo and begins to hurry.

Upon entering the clearing they start to unleash hell cutting down everyone down in their path to stop whatever was going on.

Surprised the red eyed people turned and began the gruesome onslaught on both sides.

The girl in her heart just wanted the loving embrace of her family and then to her surprise where she left off the song continued on. Sung by a voice that lifted her spirits, she joined in. Her voice entwining with the others.

As Sir Integra, Anderson and the rest of Section 13 fought to get to glowing circle, a voice rang though the air. Stopping everyone in the clearing as they watched the lights dance.

As the songs tempo increased the lights glowed sputtered and then a giant beam of light, swirling a silver-white-red combo struck the ground.

Everyone watched in ore as wings encircled where the girl stood along with the man. As the being unfurled its giant wings eyes darted to where the smiled up at the being face. As if saving the girl from hearing what was around her she placed her to the ground asleep.

The being took a step away, chains impatiently sprang from the earth points ready to pierce through joints to constrain it and as if the suddenly hit a wall the stopped and then disintegrated. The monster that suddenly stopped chanting looked towards the being in hate.

All eyes were stuck to its head wanting to see its face, already entranced by its mere beauty, others in hungry abandon.

As if a cord struck, its singing stopped and Man looked in fear at the creature. All breathing halted as it turned to face its unknown attacker. The man was blown away as a giant wave enveloped the surround area destroying everything in its path. Monsters disintegrated, the now small group now turned and ran. Many stayed and prayed and then the wave slowed and stopped. In its wake there were no bodies or blood, only the smell of newly upturned earth and then like someone had suddenly rewind time stone and earth moved. Rebuilding everything as good as new, like it had never been touched.

Anything alive in the vicinity openly gaped at the sight before them, watching as wings broke apart feathers flying everywhere.

The little girl, held in the arms of her savior.

The being that dubbed an Angel walked the girl to the recently rebuilt fountain filling with water. Laying her against it she stood and turned, finally facing the onlookers directly.

Her silver eyes swirling a sliver blue glow and gradually becoming distinct silver, until blending with red. Wolf like ears on the top of her snow white head, plated armor slowly forming on her body and a red and gold trimmed half cape stitched itself together across her back.

Another resounding wave boomed around her, but nothing happened. Until you looked at the little girl a swirl in blue-silver light sleeping peacefully and looking completely content in her dreams, The blindfold removed and nowhere to be seen.

Filtering through the girl’s subconscious ‘must protect’ hearing the comment. The dubbed ‘Angel’, began transforming at an alarming rate. Shining Armor of some unknown alloy flowed around her body still, increasing in speed, links slipping into place silently as she continued walking forward.

As the stares continued no one noticed the small wolf that lay down by the girl’s feet, position protectively around her, as a weapon began forming in her hand.

A massive stone sword, big enough to be a claymore formed in her hands. Adorned in symbols, a part of her renamed so many times in the past. Mostly known as the ‘Ice Sword’, without slowing her pace the angel continued walking right up to the group. The gaping had stopped as the stunned silence took over, as in a matter of mere mile-seconds she was gone past them. Energy flaring, trickling everywhere. Energy Raw and dangerous making a mix of slow moving spirals to wave through the air, as if tasting it.

Seconds later there was a bang, louder than a sonic boom. Eyes darted to where she was headed, only to see a mass of inter laying archaic symbols light up. Chains lifting from the ground trying to capture its prey again and again, until finally its power died.

The ‘Angel’ back at the girl’s side glowing as her shape changed again into a broader and bigger version of her Sword. Glowing ever so brightly in the ground, the now noticeable wolf transforming to a young girl looking about 15 picked up the sword with grace.

Looking like a younger version of the ‘Angel’ before.

Armor Clinking she leaned against the fountains wall, water now flowing freely. As she touched the girl she awoke, smiling up at the older girl in front of her. Hugging her with happiness, the older girl place a thought into her mind.

‘What now?’ Pondering the younger girl looked towards the small group still with mouths gaping, the ‘Angel’ not bothered in the slightest.