Recommended Naruto Fan Fiction – Neesan by Biigoh

Neesan by Biigoh

While your parents are immutable. One’s family and friends are what one makes of it.

Crossover: Sailor Moon & Naruto


Chapters: 8

Words: 8,665

Updated: 10-26-12
Rating: 9/10
The first time I found this I didn’t bother reading it, just sounded boring at the time. But when I actually decided to go through it from a recommendation from a friend. I was amazed! This story just goes!
One thing I liked was the flow, the chapters are small but the content more than made up for it. Updates take time as well. But if that sacrifices quality, I don’t mind. A major annoyance for me was when I finished reading it and getting frustrated that I won’t come across another like this for some time.
I cant really say to much because of spoilers, but the crossover fuses wonderfully.

Recommended Naruto Fan Fiction – A Different Voice by Irrational Pi

A Different Voice by Irrational Pi

What if Sakura’s inner voice wasn’t what she thought it was? Is Konoha ready for the rebirth of the beautiful genius sorceress?
Crossover: Slayers
Genre: General/Fantasy
Chapters: 8
Words: 93,375
Updated: 9-1-07
Rating: 6.5/10
There’s not many of these types written. This one captured my interest enough to put it here and the crossover works well overall. A pity its stopped updating.

Recommended Naruto Fan Fiction – Dreaming of Sunshine by Silver Queen

Dreaming of Sunshine by Silver Queen

Life as a ninja. It starts with confusion and terror and doesn’t get any better from there. OC Self-insert

Crossover: None

Genre: Action/Adventure/General

Chapters: 63
Words: 278,918

Updated: 10-26-12
Rating: 8/10
One of the best Self Inserts out there. The OC isn’t overpowered, plenty of character development and side plots to keep the story going. The only downside is that the story has only just stared to diverge from Canon.

Punishment for What?

Note: No idea what this was

How many times have you watched the sun disappear below the land, you wouldn’t know. Because who in their right mind would?

My answer, I lost count.

From my limited memory I was only able to count 99 999 before I couldn’t remember what comes after. So each time I reach it I count it as 1 mark.

I’ve reached 3 marks and 85 293 sunsets before I forgot my number.

Some of you may be wondering why someone would count there Sunsets. At the time that was my way of wondering how long I was on that planet. During that time I could barely remember my own name properly. So counting my Sunsets seemed a good way to remember at the time, that was until I fell and woke up again and remembered “This is your punishment!”.

‘Punishment for What?’

Mermaid Curse

Note: More old crap.
Mermaid Curse

I walked towards the old well to get a bucket of water for the master, I wasn’t a slave. I was treated like friend, but little did I know about the magic he possessed and the people who wanted it. I used to think the strangers that came by were smug and stupid, I never noticed how they left with their eyes glazed over.

That was until a witch came and I was used as a bargaining chip. However it didn’t bother me much, because in what the new age called a disability. I have some might say a flaw. That is why my master wanted me to live with him and what I later found out what he was studying magic for. To find a cure for me, because he loved me and not once did I notice.

Until he told me on his dyeing breath and everything went black. My mind shook as the walls I’d built up from the horrors I saw as I grew up. Until then I had no emotion and no free will, just as I noticed it was too late. I woke up roped to a wall, my arms spread apart and I was naked.

Standing in front of me she chanted, her eyes seemingly looking out past me as the pain started racking through my body and not once did I utter a single sound. I had forgotten how.

The pain was intense and I ended up passing out. When I awoke she had changed me, cursed me to endlessly walk this earth. Some might say this is a gift, I’ll tell you otherwise.

These days I’m my usually emotionless self. I say usually because my mind is jumbled again. On occasion I can pull myself together, although not for long because the effort exhaust’s me. I escaped the witch, well sort of anyway. I don’t know how long I was there, I was blindfolded half the time.

My rescuer’s left me here and for generations I have woken up and played, the only part of my mind that stays active. I look like your usual preteen girl, only I don’t talk. Like at all except when I’m myself again and usually I’m not together long enough to speak. Still I’m trapped here and it’s not that I mind. Usually all I can do is watch as my body goes about its normal routine. Wakeup, eat some food, play, get real curios about things (the shinier the better), listen to the man who comes by each day and talks to me and then I go on adventures. I can’t do much after that except read as the logical part of my brain takes its turn. Then I fall asleep again at the bottom of my little lake.

And yes I know it’s confusing, but I’ll just tell you about my little curse. The name explains it all, The Mer-Curse or in my case the Mermaid Curse.

Water turns my legs into a tail and my voice can lure people to their graves, you know the drill. Some would think being immortal is just an added bonus, I just don’t care.

The people here think I’m some Godly thing so they bring me food or offerings as they call them and ask me for things. But because of my disability I usually just want to play games with them, not understanding what they want until another emotion takes over and I pull myself back together.

There not allowed to visit me after lunch because I’m on my little adventures that don’t really harm anyone. Over the years of collected knowledge I got from the witch and books I’ve read, I know a lot. I can heal nearly anything with water, the curse came with an affinity for water you might say. So I hardly ever leave my pond, some say I act like a toddler. There right of course, my mind is still muddled.

Not all roads End in Death

Note: No Idea.

Alone – Ah! My Goddess (Not all roads End in Death)

Set after the Anime and OVA Series.

Looking down at the view screen after having a quick break, Peorth noticed a small anomloly.

“Bug in at section 19367, send of team of debuggers. Looks like a big one.” She said to Goddess next to her.

“Sending request, Done.” Replied one of the Goddesses.

2 minutes later Heavens Time.






“Find out what the infection is!!” Yelled a distressed Peorth

“Found the virus!” Yelled one of the others.

“Isolate it and run a vaccine.”

“Isolated, vaccine running.”


“What happened?”

No answer.

Turning her head to look at her follow Goddesses she saw the giant view screen and saw through hologram a giant pressure pushing against an unseen force. Giant swirls twisting and intervening in varying degree of silvers, reds and whites.

The object itself was bringing itself into reality, in front of Heaven itself.


I giant shock wave shook the earth as a massive white light collided with the object in question and the then the object froze all movement. But to the unseen, inside a mass was being created. The mass slowly forming into what looked like a young girl with silver eyes, white hair and what looked like ears protruding from the top of her head. Armor shining silver surrounded her and interweaved, a half cape red with gold trim stitched itself together behind the figure. A sword almost as big as a claymore clasped in her hand with archaic symbols running down the blade.

Everyone stood around gaping at the sight of their father intervening, the light trying to overcome the immovable swirls now formed in a giant oval covered almost all of it surface.

Almost like it was waiting the swirls instantly started pushing maddeningly against the light, pushing it back slowly.

10 minutes before.

Valkeriys requested for deployment at the administration building.

Orders to capture anomaly above Ground A and move to Facility 193.

‘193’ Lin thought, ‘that’s the for highest Gods around, the strongest we’ve got’

8 minutes later.

Valkeries prepared below the arc of swirls and white light in a frenzy preparing stations.

3 minutes later.

The swirls began parting as if it was being slowly drained away, another boom accompanied a blast like meteor just landed. The white light at the ground moved to the now dusty crater, nothing was there.

Then there was massive pin drop sound, the sound of plates moving. A figure removed itself from imbedded in the ground, no markings adorned its face.

‘Impossible’ many thought, no mortal can enter the heavens.

The figure now recognized as a young girl.

Power instantly flared and she disappeared from view, as if she wasn’t there.

The light enveloping all was flashing moving quickly to fight an invisible enemy, no one could see the girl fighting their father. No blur just the instinct to get out of there now, many started leaving the scene as quickly as possible.

Whoever could hold their own against Kami-Sama was too much for them.

Ice Prison

Note: Wrote a while ago


Ice Prison


So cold, I’m numb all over. Why? I can’t feel anything. I can’t smell anything, I’m scared. I can’t see, I can’t open my eyes. I feel cold. Every bone in my body feels like ice and my minds fuzzy. I try to reach out mentally and smash into a solid wall sending my mind haywire. And just as this was sending me crazy a massive pressure was released from body. I felt it now, the ice in my stomach. Memories rushing back in waves. I felt my body start healing, I still couldn’t move. Still nothing.

I felt cold and wet, my nose was burning and my throat raw. My mind was in frenzy, trying to reach out to anything to keep me sane. But finding nothing. When the pain smacked into me I couldn’t suppress it, there was nothing for my mind to hold onto. Memories and feelings jumbled up. Images flashing by with no meaning. A new hurt forming in my chest, what was happening and why am I hurting. My mind trying desperately to help me sought through the onslaught of pain and lost memories. Feeling combining to instinct and instinct taking over. Only to bring more pain. I couldn’t move and now I knew I was trapped. But why?

I helped my daughter into the room and sat her down in one of the chairs opposite the wall. She didn’t know what today was. Because today wasn’t meant to happen. Ages of knowledge was passed down from generation to generation. The girl in the ice was never allowed to be freed and today was her lucky day. She wouldn’t even know.

The raw energy that the sword generates was enough to power this whole facility and every square kilometre within 200 kilometre radius. We have been slowly unfreezing her and finding that more energy is released. No one knows what will happen today. But it’s being recorded for the top brass as a moment in history. So far the energy has expanded after being unfrozen about 300 square kilometres, with more each passing moment the ice is removed. This is against everything I was brought up for. But the funding that pours in each day negates that rule. They want more energy. So I give it to them.

I awoke again. My mind reaching out along with all of my senses to find nothing. My mind still hitting a wall. Sending pain through my body again.

I remember now. What happened? His betrayal.

The ice was nearly complety gone from around her leaving a girl trapped in a diamond polygon in ice. Wearing shining armour, as an ancient sword is protruding from her abdomen. She looked about 17 years old and had the wings of an angel. She’s older than most countries in the world and according to legend. The sword was never allowed to be taken out. It keeps her in an icy prison. She’ll die when she’s unfrozen and the sword has been taken out and then frozen again for scientific purposes that are none of my concern. I want the sword, that’s where the energy must be coming from.

Just as I was recapping what happened before this dark prison there was screaming pain that ripped out of my stomach. I felt it now, the sword that’s been my prison is being released. I’m still upset and oblivious to whatever I have done that deserved this cruel of a punishment.

The screaming pain rose to higher levels and I felt the dryness around me turn ice cold liquid. Senses coming online before I was ready and my mind reaching hundreds of others complete overwhelming me. My head felt like it was going to explode.

That’s when I hit something solid. Sending every sense on alert as they were still numb, wracking me with pain. I still couldn’t move. But I got an onslaught of noises and smells. I reached out with everything I had trying to put up a wall to everything. It worked for a brief second as the noise went to a deafening high. Smashing my wall to pieces and sending a wave outwards. The noises rose higher and the smell made me feel scared.

I drew back everything and tried to stand up to get away from this place. My stomach screamed in agony as it wasn’t healed yet. I opened my eyes and shut them straight away, to bright. I had also managed to see the sword in front of me. I held open my eyes and crawled towards it. As soon as I reached it I smashed it into the ground hoping it was solid enough. The sword bent and snapped in two, now I was free.

I gave the green light. Heat was disturbed to the chamber. The ice strangely didn’t melt at all. The sword must be taken out. That’s it.

“Take it out.” I called through.

Machines were aligned to the hilt and others to hold the ice in place. They began and the sword didn’t move.

It comes out a little with a little jolt and then another and another until it was free. The ice starting melting and the energy ratings shot through the roof. The girl fell to the floor the next minute and then she moved. But not much. Fear shot through me. Was this a mistake? Had I doomed us all?

Smash!! Windows broke and equipment flew everywhere. Wind smashed into me knocking me down. I got up to steady feet. Was that the energy?

The energy levels dropped and didn’t move. I stared in horror as the girl slowly opened her eyes and moved to the now distinguishable black sword. She smashed it into the floor with inhuman strength bending and then snapping the sword leaving an indent in the floor. I’ve doomed us all I thought. But the girl collapsed. Her wings twitched and then all there was was the rise and fall of her chest. What now??

I awoke to the sounds of clicks and movement all around me. Too loud, it was too loud. My eyes stung and my nose felt like its burning. I tried to move, something was holding me down. My minds jumbled again. I felt strangely slow like I’d hit my head and my ears were ringing. ‘Get out, I need to get out of here.’ I feel pain every time I push my mind out, but not mine. I don’t like it here.