Note: My version of Excalibur.



“No wait, wait Dad, WAIT!” “Ah…..!”

That was the day that I remember the most, that day is burned into my very essence, that day was the day I became something more and that was the day that should have never happened.

These days I’m stuck in this stupid tomb. No way out whatsoever, well until I was taken from my bastard of a friend’s side. Still I’m stuck, looking out past what I now know is called glass into a stupid museum. You’d think something like me would be stuck in a power struggle. Well not yet, you see I’m a weapon able to stop a stone boulder in its path. Provided my bearer has enough strength behind him. I’m made purely out of little old me and at the moment a damn sheath which traps me in this stupid form. As cool as some you of you may think having the power to do great things is, it’s not.

1. Anyone who wields me is bound to have quick death. No curse just the fact that during the time I was actually used instead of being stuck in this boring place. I was called something along the lines as ‘Whoever can pull this sword out of the stone is the next king’ and so on so forth.

2. How would you feel if your whole body just resisted a blow from a direct blow that’s able to crush nearly anything in its path. It really hurts.

And Finally onto 3. The day I turned 15 and I was waiting for a big surprise my Dad most likely had for me. The surprise ended up being very bad. As in your whole being being combined with materials that are red hot for one and feeling a pain so great you never knew it existed, the end doesn’t justify the means .

The way I think about all of this, birthday presents should be something simple like a cute puppy. Like the one I saw the other day before the poor thing was snatched up and taken away. Maybe not a good example though but you get the point, anyways my birthdays were always a little odd. You see, my Dad was the Blacksmith. Not just a blacksmith, the Blacksmith. He was a little a crazy, I mean look at me. Unfortunately he died a very long, long time ago so I’m kind of stuck. He mixed a little magic in with everything he made anyways and on my birthday he thought he was giving me the world. But the only thing he ever gave me was a sore neck.

You see on my birthday he thought he’d make a weapon so powerful that the only ones able to use it were him and anyone worthy enough. Unfortunately the way he went about it was all wrong, you don’t turn your own daughter into this. The only good thing about it is he put everything he had into it, unfortunately that’s what killed him. Because he literally did and the end result was that I was able to retain my human self in a manner of speaking and give me more power. But before he made me what I am, he made this stupid sheath to contain all that raw power in other words me. So wherever I go it goes, which was kind of annoying. Because whenever it touches me I revert back involuntary to this stupid form and years ago some idiot thought it would be good to put the sword by the dead king’s side so unluckily for me I sat next to my dead friend who my current self would only allow him to touch me.

At least this museum is a lot more fun than staring at a rock, note I don’t like rocks anymore.

Any way’s back to the museum, tonight nothing interesting. Yesterday was pretty funny though, a kid spilled his ice cream and a whole bunch of people fell over even after it was cleaned up.

That’s pretty sad right, well it’s the only entertainment I’ve had in 2 days.

Back to the museum again, sorry I get sigh tracked easily.

I watched as a figure wearing dark clothing approached my case. I stared out at him, probably because its the only thing I can do at the moment. I haven’t slept in a while so I kind of miss it.

But this guy didn’t move, he continued staring at me.

“Excalibur.” “These idiots don’t know what they have here.” He whispers.

Well thank god someone knows my name.

Next thing I see is a little mechanical thing cutting the glass between me and him. Oh no, I don’t like this guy. Although he is my source of freedom, but still not a good idea.

“I’ve just cut through the glass, are the vehicles ready?” He whispered into something.

I heard something on the other end, I still don’t get those things they confuse me a lot. I felt myself pushing, damn I really do want to be free.

“Shit! It is true. It’s vibrating and making some noise.”

And that’s when the alarm went off and I was pulled out of the glass case and being carried along the hallway. Taking in the sights were pretty much boring, I didn’t like art to begin with and when that’s all you look at all the time it makes you a little crazy.

And then BANG! The power struggle begins as I flew to the ground. I was jumping in my seat as the sheath fell down a bit, but didn’t let go of me.

Damn I thought blankly.

BANG! BANG! The fight continued, I wonder what these weapons were. Throwing metal stones at one another, Dad would have loved these.

I was grabbed again and the sheath came back up, I looked up to find a handsome man who looked fairly young. Different man from before though, from my position the first guy looked dead. Blood was starting to pool, yep defiantly dead or dying.

The man carrying me led me through another corridor and jumped through a window. Glass went everywhere, looked sharp to. Ouch might hurt a bit if you stepped on it.

I hit the ground with a thud again, it’s starting to get annoying.


More fighting and BOOM! I flew through the sky and landed half sheathed.

Damn, close.

BOOM! Again and I flew up high this time, the sheath flew off and I span towards the ground.

Yes! I’ll be free when I hit the ground.

Smack! Not again, I can’t change form embedded in a tree. I need room, BANG! And I was pulled out, thank you.

Smack, back in sheath again.

Come on I thought, this is just plain mean.

I was brought up and placed in something soft and then a lid closed over me, putting me in darkness.


I could still here the fight continuing and but slowly it was getting quieter and there was a strange roar. Well this is just great, now I can’t see anything. BOOOM! There was blinding light and massive force that destroyed what I must have been carried in, the sheath perfectly unharmed just like me. No scratches whatsoever as we hit the ground again hard this time and span along the ground until I hit something and stopped. A boy, he looked down at me and then towards the fire behind me and turned around and ran straight into someone.

BANG! BANG! The struggle continued. I hope they know I’ll only release my power to who I choose. He threw the boy to the ground and snatched me up quickly, drawing me halfway. BANG! He dropped me and fell to the ground, I was nearly all the way out of my sheath now. Just a bit more! Slide the boy moved towards me, staring at me. He picked me up, drawing me out completely. BANG! I saw the metal rock coming, luckily it missed the boy.

“Hey kid!” My voice sounded funny probably from not being able to talk for so long. He looked at my reflection on the blade and dropped me, staring at me.

“I need to get out of here.” He said and he bolted in the other direction. I changed forms quickly and stretched.

“Man my neck hurts.” I stated to myself and turned around to find a man like the others, wearing black all over mouth opened wide. “What? Yours would too if you were stuck like that that long.”

Turned into a Cat, I think?

Note: No Idea what this was.

“Go away!” I said, “It was just a one night thing.”
“A WHAT!” Why are they always like this? This is why I never bring them back to my place and never give them my number. “I am not a one night thing!” Wow she was angry, her eyes looked like they’d catch on fire any second.
“Then find someone else.” The only time I bring someone back to my home and I get this annoyance. I only just woke up for god sakes and its 3 in the afternoon. Sam would be home any minute now.
“You can’t insult someone like me without punishment!” Eh, what’s she going on about?
“Then who are you?” I asked. Suddenly it got really bright and then standing before me was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. “Wow, nice trick.” Ooops, she looked really pissed.
She pointed at me as a ball of light appeared in her palm.
“Dad I’m home!” Sam Called.
I looked at this goddess in front of me.
“Shit.” I whispered to myself just as Sam rounded the corner into the hallway and the Ball shot my way.
There was a bright light and I had to shut my eyes, as it dissipated from the cracks in my eye lids I watched in horror as Sam fell to the ground with a thud. I turned and looked at that thing of beauty my mouth wide open in shock. “What have you done?” I yelled.
I was by Sam’s side and checking for anything wrong. Nothing, I couldn’t find anything.
When a voice sweet enough to melt stone slipped into my focus.
“That wasn’t supposed to happen.” I looked at her wide eyed.
“What are you! What have you done to my daughter?!” I yelled as I felt something slide on my hands.
I looked down, Sam. What the hell was this? I laid her down. “What did you do Demon?” I asked, nothing good would do this.
“I’m insulted, I’m no Demon!” “And Um.” Its face changed into something of confusion, then horror. “Um, I turned her into a cat.” She replied.
“You what!” I yelled and looked down towards my daughter only to take a step at the sight hairs appear all over her body.
“Fix this!” I yelled, nearly crumpling to the floor in despair. “She didn’t deserve this!” “She’s done nothing to you!”
“I can’t,”
I stared at her in shock.
“Um, I guess I can try.”

Awakening Chapters 1-10

Note: Wrote this ages ago

Awakening Chapters 1-10

“Hey sis wake up, wake up already!” It was Tyler, my brother. I moaned
“but I want to sleep.” I said. Something wet and rough ran across my cheek. “Thanks Mint I needed that.” My cat even wants me up. “What time is it?” I asked
“Fine, get out” I dragged myself out of bed and over to my bathroom and yea, I have my very own bathroom all to myself. It just needs to be sound proof and it would be heaven.
“Hurry up Theia!” Mum called up, oh and I also live in the second story of our house. Isn’t it great, because it isn’t. When I go down stairs I’ll get blasted with Happy Birthdays. It’s my 16th today and it’s not going to be fun.

When I started down the stairs I nearly tripped over Mint as she brushed against my leg.
“Mint I’m trying to stay on my feet today.” I bent down to pick her up when my back suddenly ached and I had to stand up again. “Today keeps getting better and better doesn’t it Mint?” I asked my cat and she replied with a grumpy meow! “I’ll get your food in a sec OK.” She followed me down the stairs and as soon as I entered the living room, just as I suspected I was blasted by yet again another morning surprise. My Mum and Dad were trying to give me hugs while Tyler just looked like he was going to kill me if I didn’t open my presents. Hmmm I wonder why?!?

I wasn’t surprised to get the laptop but I wasn’t really into computers so I just said thanks to Dad and handed it to Tyler “Can you go set it up for me please Tyler.” He took it but he just put it on the floor and handed me his present. I wonder what it is, I solved the little reason why he was looking annoyed though.
“Open it.” He said, I took it and started unwrapping it.
“We don’t need the wrapping Theia so you can rip into it if you want.” Dad said, I just continued until I found a little box at the center. I opened it and inside were two little necklace’s. Each one had half a heart on the end and on the backs when I joined the hearts together read ‘To those I will always love’.
“Thanks Tyler!” I grabbed him and put the necklace around his neck before he could escape.
“Your turn honey.” Mum said and I let her put the chain around my neck as Tyler grabbed Mums present and gave it to me before he went up the stairs into my room with my new laptop.

I walked back up to my room to see what Tyler had done with my new laptop after I finished breakfast and feed Mint. She’s a nice cat and all but sometimes she needs to get her own food. I walked into my room and Tyler was sitting on my bed already hitting the keys wildly.
“So is it good?” I asked, he’s a bit of a computer nerd so anything techy in our house gets left up to him.
“Oh yea, but you need to put a password on it if your going to bring it to school today.” A password?
“You can do that Tyler” and I hurried out of the room, but when I went to pick up my bag from the chair beside my desk my back ached again and I cried out scaring Tyler.
“What’s wrong Theia?” Tyler asked in a scared tone. Honestly he needs to get a backbone and I need to sleep properly.
“Nothing just didn’t sleep right last night, ok.”
“If you say so.” and he went back to hitting the keys.

I brought some aspirin to school but it didn’t help my sore back and it was honestly getting annoying. I walked through the schools freaky front gate which has the emblem of school on it, a hawk with a scroll in its talons all the while a Pencil is held in its beak. Kinda weird don’t yah think.
“Hey Theia!” It was Brian one of my best friends and Zoey was right behind him holding his hand. There a couple? Took them long enough.
“So you guys?” I said looking at their hands.
“Yea I finally got the guts to ask him out.” Zoey said. Yea she’s another one of my best friends and her and Brain have been giving each other the look for the past five years. There both in my class and so are Taya and Alice, there not the brightest bunch but there still fun to hang out with.
“Theia, happy birthday!” I jumped, it was Mal.
“Geez, you scared the crap out of me!” I said while everyone had burst into laughter.
“Happy birthday Theia!” Zoey said Aw crap.
“Heres where the fun begins” I said quietly to myself, Just as the school bell rang. Coincidence Much?

Chapter 1
Class had just started and my back had gotten worse but I was still able to move around without to much fuss. The only problem was that we have swimming practice today. I was busy thinking of a way to get out of it when Sam walked through the door, handed Miss Jamison a note and sat down in his seat. I’ve known him since I first went to school and I’ve always loved him ever since I can remember. He’s the only reason I stay single and haven’t said yes to any of the other guys at our school. He’s practically the hottest guy in school, so every time I work up the guts to ask him out I end up chickening out as soon as he so much as looks at me. It’s kind of depressing as every time I find myself looking at his dark blond hair and green eyes. My whole body gets hot. Makes the rest of my class harder to. Good thing it’s only English.

By the time I got out of class and headed for sickbay to avoid PE I wasn’t lying that my back was seriously hurting bad. I felt like someone was stabbing knives in my back and shoulders. My eyes kept going blurry and detailed then blurry again, so I had to get Zoey to help me to get there.
“Theia are you sure you’re all right? You look like crap.” Zoey asked
“I feel like crap.” I said. Geez today was getting worse by the minute.
“Do you want me to stay until someone comes?” She asked
“No I’ll be alright just need some rest.”
“Ok I’ll see you later then” And she was gone. Not long after I had convinced the school Nurse that I just need a little rest my Mum came to pick me up. The ride home in the car was hell on my back but for some reason I felt that I shouldn’t tell Mum about my back and only be sick. It was just this weird feeling that wouldn’t pass. So I just obeyed it and the pain didn’t hurt as much and that’s when everything started getting weird. My whole body felt like it was warm all of a sudden and then every where hurt. By the time I got home and got into my room and was in so much pain I literally passed out face first on my bed.

I dreamed. But I didn’t dream any normal dream. I felt my whole head about to explode and my eyes were always stinging. Images raced by so quickly that I couldn’t process them and I felt like I was burning up the whole time. It wasn’t as bad as when I woke up though. My back hurt so much I wished I was still in that weird dream. My shoulders felt like they were being drilled and the rest of my body was seriously sore. The sweat that was poring off me like a wave and it really didn’t cool me down it was just plain gross. My pillow was drowned in sweat as well, so I tried to get up to move it away. I’d rather have no pillow then have to lye down in sweat, the only problem was that I couldn’t move properly and every time I tried I had to stop myself from crying out.

I ended up just laying there for hours watching my alarm clock. It was only three in the morning so I tried to fall asleep but the pain just kept getting worse. Now my back was starting to hurt like crazy and it felt like an enormous pressure was trying to push through the skin and that’s when it really started hurting and I bit the pillow to stop my self from biting my own tongue. My entire back felt like it was splitting open and I felt something warm around me. I didn’t open my eyes to have a look because I was already squeezing them shut because they stung so much. Seconds went by like minutes and gradually the massive pressure I felt on my back went away. Either that or my mind can’t comprehend what its going through right now.

A few hours passed by and I was able to start moving a little without crying out. It still hurt a hell of a lot though. My back had gone numb and I kept getting a tingling feeling all around my shoulders but the worst was when I tried to moving anything related to around my back. So when I craned my neck around the pain didn’t hurt so badly when I spotted what must have been the pressure from my back. I was amazed and also horrified. The first thing that went through my head was ‘what the hell, I’ve… grown…wings?’

Chapter 2
As soon as I could move a little easier without to much pain I tried to touch my wings, only to regret it when they twitched and I felt a weird sensation that ran through my body and ended in a lot of pain. So I tried to slowly get up. I was unsuccessful for a while but I somehow managed to get into a sort of sitting position. Although it hurt like hell I had to get up and somehow clean my bed because it was going to stain with what looked like a lot of blood and sweat. Definitely a combination that I don’t like. I also needed to somehow hide my wings from everyone when they wake up and this time I’m sure something bad would happen. It was just that same feeling again. But first I needed to get a drink and maybe later something to eat, my throat felt like sandpaper and I felt like I hadn’t eaten in days.

Every time I try to get up I over balance and end back up on my bed. The wings don’t feel like a dead weight but it’s not like there helping with my already sore eyes and nausea. I some how managed to pull myself to the bathroom by dragging my wings along with me. But I ended up hurting myself a hell of a lot trying to get up to the sink and get a drink of water. The numbness that I was feeling was starting to turn to pain in my wings and I decided that it would be better if I cleaned them. I pulled myself over to the shower, its made to be used as a bath as well so it was a bit awkward and painful trying to get in to it. I turned on the water and let it splash over me until it warmed up. Then I grabbed the shower head of its stand and began trying to wash myself without hurting myself to much.

I washed my self down and began trying to clean my wings that were protruding from my back. It was really painful but I managed to clean them some what. I tried to clean my back a little but it stung and I had to keep from putting to much pressure on it. I was able to move my entire arm without to much trouble however every time I went a certain direction or tried to lift my arms my wings moved and twitched causing a lot of pain and I had to be careful.

When I thought I was finished cleaning myself up I was able to walk back to desk dragging my wings along behind me. It was starting to hurt too so I had to learn to move them soon. I couldn’t sit down without hurting myself again so I remained standing in the middle of my room. My room isn’t overly big but I still have enough room to spare. I heard a meow! It was coming from my bedroom door. Mint probably thought I locked her out, great now she’s going to be grumpy today and tomorrow and I’ll have to make it up to her somehow. She’s a little cat that can be a handful but she’s really nice in her own way and reminds me of an old woman who has too much energy. I looked at the time six-o’clock, crap I had to do something about my bed. So I pulled my blankets and sheets off and threw them in my closet and pulled out a few blankets that my Mum stored under my bed. My pillow looked dry but I knew I’d have to get a new one with all the blood and sweat that’s in it.

When I’d finished fixing up my bed which normally would have taken me two minutes turned into ten I started getting worried. What if they see me like this? I piled up my other pillows and went and got another drink from the bathroom again because I was still thirsty and I was worried what would happen if I walked down the stairs and my Dad saw me. He has to get up the earliest and he’s pretty loud in the morning so Mum wouldn’t be far behind him.

I got back into bed and put the blankets over me and covered my wings. It stung and I was still really sore. I was hoping that whatever was happening to me, the worst part was over now and somehow I knew that it had only just started. Things are going to get worse. That wasn’t a good feeling but at least I knew it was the truth.

So I lay on my stomach and I fell asleep. When I woke up Mint was curled up next to me. She was warm so I hugged her. I was hoping that last night could have been a dream. But it wasn’t. My wings were still there, I could feel them properly now. I just couldn’t move them right and it still hurt a little, at least the painful part was over though. Mum must have come in as well. I checked my clock, eleven-thirty. Right now I would normally go back to sleep if I was sick, but right now I needed to try an move my wings so that I could somehow hide them. That and I was so hungry I could eat anything.

After checking if anyone was home. Fortunately no one was, I had brunch and what Mum had left for me in the fridge. I grabbed my new laptop from Tyler’s room which was on the first floor of our house when a little note slipped out, it had my password written on it. I walked back up to my room with a water bottle and got comfortable. Then I turned it on and put the password in. Mint came in and nagged at me, she must be hungry again. But it hurt dragging my wings around all the time and if I was going to have wings, they aren’t going to look like crap. So I gave her the chicken out of my sandwich. How ironic, I’ve got wings the same as a chicken but I don’t really care for them that much as one tried to peck my eyes out when I was younger.

I opened up an Internet browser that Tyler told me to open and searched for ‘people with wings’. A lot of stuff came up but none of it was what I was looking for and any other search ended up the same. Angels and so on so forth. But I’m definitely not an angel, my friends would agree with me on that. I wonder what they would think of me now though.

Chapter 3
Mum came home around four-o’clock when I’d fallen back to sleep and woke me up. “Honey it’s just me Mum. There’s a doctor coming round to see you soon, just yell if you need anything.” Aw crap. What am I going to do now, I have to think of a way for her to cancel or I’m screwed. I’d be a test subject for the rest of my life and that really doesn’t sound fun to me.
“No thanks Mum.” I tried to say in my normal voice, but it betrayed me and I grabbed the water bottle.
“You sure you don’t need anything honey?” Of course it would be her to take it the wrong way. So I took a long drink from my bottle.
“No I mean the doctor Mum. I really am feeling better.” My voice was still sand papery but I think she got the hint.
“I suppose you do look better, it must be that time of the month.” She winked and left my room. Did she really ever get what I meant? I guess not. Ah well its better than her finding out about my wings.

I pulled the covers off my back and moved around a bit and I was surprised that nothing hurt. So for the first time I was able to have a good look at my wings. The bed sheets were every where but I felt where they touched my wings and when I turned to look at them I felt them move and they felt rough. I stared at them. They were a dark brown at the point where they joined my back and slowly changed to a bright blond that almost looked like they were golden. The feathers felt nice but still a little rough. I was fixated on them. I also noticed that at the ends of my wings the colour was pure brown. I thought they looked really nice and I caught myself thinking, why me of all people? What did I do? I left those questions until later and got off my bed standing straight. It felt good, but what really amazed me was when I stretched my arms. My wings lifted off the ground a little, nearly over balancing me. So moving my wings has something to do with my arms, or is it just my shoulders.

I practiced for a while, it felt really good on my shoulders and I was eventually able to keep them off the ground myself. Not far mind you but it was better than dragging them every where, the tips sometimes touched the floor though. It felt so good being able to move them. I smelt the air and I nearly died, man I stink. I walked over to the bathroom and tried to keep my wings close but I still had to get in going sideways. It was better then pulling them in through the door though.

I washed myself all over and tried to watch out for where my wings joined my back because there was still a scab. I cleaned it out as much as I could though and then I got to work on trying to clean my wings. There was still some blood crusted on the feathers and it was really gross. Last night was worse than this though so I kind of got confused why I was only starting to get really grossed out now. The feathers were really warm and soft when I cleaned them properly although it was really tiring trying to clean all of them. When I was finished I found that they were lighter and keeping them off the ground was really easy now. So I tried stretching them out but I couldn’t do much as they hit the walls on both sides of my room either way I went. They stretched out over two meters on each side of my back. Then I noticed they have some brown stripes along the golden bits and I thought. If there ever was a wing fashion, mine had to be in the top ten. What am I going to do about hiding them though, there simply to big and even if they do look good. That doesn’t help me hide them. A thought struck me, what do birds do to hide their wings. They pull them in.

I practiced for what seemed hours trying to pull them in and keep them there when I finally got them in, but I just couldn’t hide them properly around my body. I tried pulling my t-shirt over them but it hurt too much. But I wasn’t going to walk around just wearing a bra and some big jacket over the top. So I decided I was going to have to wear a shirt with no back or cut holes in them to let my wings out. I picked holes because I would freeze to death other wise, winter was coming. I looked through my draws for a shirt to cut when I wondered, how much do I weigh now. I wasn’t being all panicky like other girls, I was just curious. So I got back into the bathroom nearly tripping over some clothes I must have left there and stepped on to my scales and looked down at the display. Holy crap, I haven’t gained any weight. I’ve lost weight. What…the hell? What is happening to me?

On my way out of the bathroom I looked in the mirror. At least I still look like me, my stomach rumbled. I suppose I was hungry. First I looked over my face just in case I was growing a beak or something, fortunately I wasn’t and my smooth face was the same, but my blue eyes looked different. Like there was a fire brightening them up. I only just noticed that there was a golden tinge in them, you had to be looking though. Great, what else about me was different? Did my hair suddenly start changing colour? I liked my brown hair. I had a look through it and noticed some strips of blond in it. Crap, Mum was going to kill me for dyeing my hair. But I hadn’t, it was just this weird change that’s happened to me. What am I turning into? What have I turned into? What’s Mum going to do to me because of my hair? I walked back into my room and cut one of my shirts with some scissors. The shirt was a plain grey one that had a white and black stripe going diagonally across the front. When I put the shirt on it fit but it was still hard to get on and it did tear a little so I had to take it off and cut it a bit more. I just chucked on some trackie-pants.

Once I’d got the shirt on I tried folding my wings in again. It was getting easier and easier. I managed to get them in close enough to put my jacket on. However I did pull one or my feathers out on accident and it hurt. I didn’t want to throw it out so I stuck it in my hair. I looked in the mirror I didn’t look to bad. I had a bump in on my back but you could only notice it if you looked hard. I think I looked fairly normal so I walked down stairs trying to keep my wings in tight. As soon as I walked into the kitchen I went to the fridge.
“Feeling better Theia.” It was Dad.
“Yea.” I tried to sound normal. I was already freaking out enough with these wings.
“Good. You can go to school tomorrow then.” Is that all he cared about.
“I will.” I replied and went back to hunting through the fridge for food.

I gorged for a while then I decided I wanted to go for a walk. Being inside all this time was killing me and yea I’m one of those people who likes being outside. When I opened the door, Tyler almost smashed into my leg.
“Sorry sis!” and he ran into the kitchen where Dad was making tea. I was normally going for walks so Dad didn’t mind that I was going outside. It was freezing outside though so I was lucky I had a pair of wings keeping me warm and a jacket over the top.

Chapter 4
I walked out past the gate of our house and turned towards the park. I really needed to think through all this that has happened and I relax the best there. The air was cold, but it didn’t hit me like it used to. Its like it just went around me, but I actually wanted to feel that cold. It made me feel normal. I walked on when I noticed that everything seemed to be bright, something was wrong. It must be getting darker because the lights were on. Why was it still bright then? I checked my phone, eight-thirty. It usually got dark around six. So why is it so bright? It wasn’t the lights. Great, another weird change. I must be able to see in the dark better. I was on a streak of not normal things. All through my life I just wanted to fit in. So why me….?

I was getting close to the park now. I was planning on sitting on a swing but some feeling told me to keep going. There were people in front of me. I hid behind the closest tree. It sounded like a heated conversation so I took a peek.
“Mal.” I said before I could shut my mouth. They didn’t here me, but Mal was definitely there. Now who was the other guy? Holy crap! Mal was being mugged. The mugger pulled out something and pointed it at Mal. A gun, it was gun! I ran as fast I could. Bang! Then I smashed into the mugger. He went flying, I jumped on him as soon as he landed and punched him as hard as I could. I hit him in the shoulder and I felt a weird crunch. Then it popped really grossing me out and I jumped off. I checked to make sure the gun was gone. It was lying about 4 meters away, I didn’t think he was going to get up. It looked really painful, but at the moment I needed to find Mal. He was hunched over clutching his shoulder. Oh no, did he get shot!

I got tackled to the ground. There was a man above me and he looked really angry. He grabbed my jacket, I tried to stop him from pulling it off. I don’t want anyone knowing about me so I tried to grab his hands and pull him off. I ended up helping him. The jacket came off and my wings unfolded. He saw them and his eyes were nearly popping out of his head. Then he got angry. He had his gun in his hand. It was pointed at me.
“What the fuck…” He probably said it to himself, but I heard it. I unfolded my wings more. That felt better. Keeping them against my back and sides really cramps them up a bit. He looked scared but he continued pointing the gun at me. I looked at Mal, he was watching me. But he was close to going unconscious. Blood was starting to pool, that isn’t good and if I move I’ll be shot. He was going to shoot me any way probably. I looked at Mal again, I need to get him away from here or else he’ll die. He might annoy me at school sometimes and I don’t really know him at all. But for the first time I actually really looked at him. He was actually good looking. Can’t be thinking about that now though, he needs to get to a doctor fast!

I reacted without thinking and kicked the mugger as hard as I could. Something snapped, the gun flew away some where and he was lying on the ground breathing heavily. I ran back over to Mal he was unconscious. I need to go now, but how I can’t lift him. I heard someone getting up. It was that damn man. He turned and ran, never looking back.

Ok, where’s Mal bleeding? I need to find the wound. I’d done a first aid course once so I know that I needed to press something on it. But where was it. I remembered him clutching his shoulder. Shoulder! Right! I quickly grabbed my big jacket and tried ripping it. Not even thinking that it wouldn’t give. Weirdly enough though, it did. I ripped up a few pieces. I pressed the first make shift bandage on the shoulder wound and then I wrapped the second over the bandage and around his shoulder tight. Making sure pressure was still on his shoulder. I need an ambulance quick. But my phone was in my jacket. I checked the pocket I’d left it in. Not there. It must have fallen out. No choice, I was going to have to try and carry him there. Even if I couldn’t get far. I had to at least try.

When I went to sit him up to try and stop some of the blood flowing. It was surprisingly easy. I tried picking him up. He was light? Even if he was a head taller than me, I had to carry him. Why was he so light? I was probably really strong to. Great, we all need a super strong woman. I picked him up as carefully as I could. It was hard. He was bigger than me.

As soon as I was holding him right I tried to remember what way was the hospital. A weird feeling told me it was the other direction of my house. I keep getting that weird feeling. It hasn’t let me go wrong so far though. So I trusted it and I began running as fast as I could. This was quicker than I thought.

Mal looked cold. I brought him closer to me and tried to wrap my wings around him a little. Without them getting in the way or clipping a pole. I’d hate to find out how much a broken wing felt like. I saw Tyler break his arm. That was enough for me. I felt like I wanted to fly for some reason, I looked up at the sky and I almost ran into someone. Wow, I was moving really fast. I was past them in way under a second and by the time they noticed, I was gone. I ran and ran until I reached a sign on the road. It read ‘Hospital 10kms’. I was already getting tired and now I wished I’d stayed a bit longer at home to have tea. But things could have been worse for Mal then. I pushed on and eventually caught myself looking at Mal.

Mal, who was Mal? He was the joker in our little group at school. Only he played most of the jokes on me. Good thing he was taller than me or I would have killed him a while back. He was good looking. I looked down at his face. He looked almost like he was younger, like he was younger than me by a lot. His blond hair had a little fringe and his brown eyes looked almost like he was enjoying this. Wait, why was his eyes open? He was staring up at me. He was conscious again that’s good news.

Whoa! I nearly ran into a truck. I had jumped at the last second and now I was soaring into the air. Like it was instinct, I snapped out my wings. They caught the wind. It confused me at first and I started plummeting. I managed to get it right and I started gliding over buildings. I was really flying! Something that everyone can only dream to do like me and I was doing it. Now I know why, it felt so good. But I do have to stop getting distracted or else I might be the one that kills Mal. My stomach turned at the thought.

I glided until I was near the Hospital. Then I tried to land somewhere in the open. I didn’t care if people saw me. Mal would die other wise and things weren’t going so well now. I needed to check his pulse, my confidence was dropping. I tried a running landing and only just managed to stop myself from tripping over until I came to a stop. I checked Mal’s pulse, still there. Good and I ran as fast as I could towards the Emergency Part of the Hospital. Fortunately no one was around out side at the moment.

I tried warming Mal up with my wings. I felt blood get on them. But I needed to hurry. I burst into the Emergency Wing, how ironic. And yelled for a Doctor. Several came, but only a few managed to help me with Mal. Most of them had shocked looks on their faces and were staring at my wings. I suppose it was different and they did look awesome, despite the blood. But I was busy.
“He’s got a bullet wound in is right shoulder!” I practically yelled.
“Ok.” A doctor replied. He seemed nice and he wasn’t staring at me like the others.
“What about you?” He asked.
“I’m alright. Is he going to be ok?”
“I hope so.” Mal was put on a bed and carted off like lightning. The nice Doctor was gone. I turned around about to leave when another Doctor was standing right in front of me, he looked at me with hungry eyes.
“I have to go.” I said and ran out. They called out for me to wait. But no way was I going to. They really freaked me out and they should be helping Mal. I was out of the Hospital quicker than when I came in. I had to get home and have another shower. Blood was on me again. Like seriously, is it attracted to me or something. It’s really gross.

I hoped Mal would be alright. He actually was a nice guy when I think about it. I remembered, I flew and it felt great. I better get home now or Dad would get worried. I wrapped myself in my wings and headed home. It was cold now.

Chapter 5
I ran home taking every precaution to not get spotted. I wasn’t running that quick. But I did notice that I was properly sprinting if I was a normal person. I was glad that my new change help save Mal, but that didn’t mean I like it.

By the time I got home I was so tired I nearly walked through the front door. That would not be a wise idea, Dad and Mum would still be watching TV. Or they’d only just gone to bed, so they would be still awake. I walked around me to where my room was. The window was shut, great. Even better there was no where to climb up. What if I jumped like before, there was nothing to hold onto. My head hurt.

I’m just going to run up to my room as fast as I can. I can’t be bothered figuring this out. I checked the lights in the lounge room where my Mum and Dad would be if they were watching TV. They were on. More fun.

I opened the front door, walked in and closed it as quietly as I could. No one noticed so I snuck up the hall past the kitchen. I looked at the fridge, when my wings aren’t showing I told myself. I continued walking until I reached the lounge room. I peeked in the open door way. Dad was asleep on the couch and Mum must be in her room. I silently ran past the lounge room until I reached the stairs. Then I took them three at a time. Reaching my room in record time, the light was on. Oh no is Tyler in there. I peeked in, Mint was staring straight at me. I looked at the clock, ten-thirty. Tyler must be asleep. Dad was going to be angry. Mint let out a loud meow! She was waiting for me. I suppose I was her blanket in a way. I walked in completely forgetting to tuck my wings in through the door hitting them against the walls. Ouch, it didn’t hurt too much but it felt like someone trying to pull my arm backwards to quick. I stepped back and tucked them in. I walked straight to my bathroom. I needed another long bath.

After I’d finished cleaning my wings again I got out, dried myself and got ready for bed. I just chucked another jacket on to hide my wings and turned out the door to get something to eat nearly running straight into Dad. Here we go.
“Where have you been?” He practically demanded.
“I went for a walk.” He wasn’t convinced and I just noticed some feathers poking out just above my but. Aw crap.
“You’re Mum and I were really worried about you.” He said it in that pleading father voice.
“Sorry, I just have a lot on my plate at the moment.” I replied
“OK, remember you can tell us anything.” I couldn’t tell him about the wings part. I was hungry though.
“OK.” And he turned around and walked to his room. I fixed my jacket and checked you couldn’t see anything else. That was lucky I thought.

I walked down the stairs and opened the fridge. My dinner was waiting for me. I heated it up and nearly swallowed it whole. I dug into the fridge and ate some more and went to bed. Tomorrow was not going to be fun.

Chapter 6
School was hard the next day. We had a physical test. I managed to get away from most of it. But I still had to do the run. We ran 3 km, I finished before everyone else and stayed next to our teacher the whole run. I ran it in under 7 minutes. I hadn’t even broken a sweat when my teacher looked like he just had a shower. “You should join the track team.” He said still gasping for air.
I could have done it quicker. But I didn’t want to bring attention to myself. That was stupid thinking I just did.
“No thanks.”I replied, he was still trying to fill his lungs with air and he had an annoyed look on his face which was seriously messing up his features and giving his blond hair a creepy look. Can’t say I blame him though. At least this change has a lot of positives. The negatives can go jump off a bridge though, I’ll admit wings are cool but they always manage to get in the way. I must look like I’ve got a beach ball on my back. The only person who’s noticed though, told me to sit up straight. Fail on her part, I already was. At least they keep me warm.
“Theia, Wait up!” I turned around and got barrelled over by Zoey. I nearly got to my locker this time.
I landed on one of my wings and suppressed a squeal of pain. Ouch! That hurt, don’t think I ever want to break them at all. I hadn’t noticed I was biting my lip until I tasted blood.
“Zoey, can you not do that?” I asked. It came out weird, I was still winded. Zoey got off me though and muttered a ‘sorry’. Then continued on with whatever she was talking about. I opened my locker and just did the usual yep, awesome and ok. I never pay any attention when she’s talking most of the time. Otherwise I’d be there all day.

Lunch wasn’t all that great. I’d brought along some sandwiches and literally swallowed them whole. I hadn’t realized I was this hungry either .I stole one of Zoey muffins while she was busy staring at Brain. That’s when I heard him wondering where Mal was today and I almost brought everything back up I’d eaten back on to the table. It was a small table that we had to fight for places so I don’t think they wanted that on there. But still, they don’t know yet? I hope he’s alright. I looked at the muffin again and began mowing into it again without a seconds thought.

I looked up to see Brain, Zoey, Alice and Taya staring at me.
“What?” I said, I suppose I had been in my own little land all day. But they went back to their little discussion just as I got a cramp in my back. It was really hurting too. Need to get outside and stretch, ow ow ow. “Be right back!” I said and ran back into the school building away from our little spot under a tree. I took the stairs two at a time and nearly mowed down two girls as I flew past (not really though, I was just running fast). Although I was probably just a blur to them.

I threw the door open to the roof and stepped out. Ah crap, just my luck. There’s already someone here. I looked around for a hiding place. Damn it, it’s really hurting and if I don’t find a safe place to stretch soon I’m in trouble. It’s just not my day. The other kid was focused on something in front of him. I moved to his side a few meters away so he wouldn’t notice me. He was playing one of those handheld game things. He had ear phones in. Well…… screw it, this hurts. I pulled my jacket off and ran over to the side of the roof behind the door. I let my wings out. Yea, that feels good. Ouch, need to stretch before the cramp hits me again. As I worked my wings I didn’t notice that the kid had gotten up and was staring at me. Come on it can’t get any worse can it?

I don’t think he’d seen my face though so I tried to shield it from view. Fail, he’s already seen it. I stopped and stared right back at him. I’m so screwed. What am I going to do now? Before I could think of something the kid stepped back just a little too close to the edge. He didn’t notice.
“What the?” He asked sounding a little freaked. Can’t blame him I would be to.
He stepped back again and hit the guard tripping him up. Oh no he’s going to fall. He yelped.

I felt my heart skip a beat and speed up rapidly. Everything slowed down. I reacted as quickly as I could. Unfortunately he freaked more and started falling. Sometimes I think you could look up the word stupid and find a picture of me next to it. Anyways back to the matter at hand.

I jumped off the edge and pulled in my wings as quick as I could. Wow that was stupid and not just because this kids seen my wings. I still don’t know how to fly properly. No time to think though, I grabbed him and thrust out my wings trying to slow our decent. They were burning. Then something strange happened. Well stranger than before. I felt light all of a sudden and then I got massive burst of energy. My wings reacted and I was high above the school in what must have been seconds. The kid was scratching me. “Let me go.” He kept screaming over and over again. He was just a little crazy or maybe he hasn’t seen how high up we are and I wasn’t going to be able to land on the school roof so I headed for the trees on the other side of the school fence. It was a fairly large group of trees. I landed and let him go. He was stunned now. In shock, he must have realized what just happened. I checked where he scratched me. It was already closing up. At least it’s a positive, I wouldn’t want to explain the scratches to my Mum.

Then just as the energy came it went and I slumped to the ground. Now I’m starving. Flying is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

The kid was still standing there. I chuckled, it looked like his jaw was going to hit the ground any second now and aw crap he passed out. His jaw did end up hitting the ground too, but for only like a second. That whole flying and moving really quickly really takes it out of you.

I remembered that I left my jacket on the roof and screamed inwardly at myself. It might get blown away. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone stole it either. I liked that jacket.

I picked up the kid and surprise, surprise he was as light as a feather (maybe a little heavier). Ok he was definitely heavier and wasn’t getting any lighter. Actually I think he was getting heavier, my vision was starting to get blurry. I managed to get to a tree, slump down still holding him before I blacked out.

I woke up hungrier than a bear after its hibernation period.

Chapter 7
I awoke to the sound of sirens and my back and shoulder muscles cramped. ‘Oww’ I feel like I’ve been sleeping on a rock and as I opened my eyes and looked around I realised that I should somewhat be going now. Like as in away from all the people crowding around me. I felt like I was the star attraction at the zoo. Really like what’s going…….
Aw crap! I turned around a bit quick to find some sought of escape route and only managed to strain my wings and have my head swimming. Moved to quick got to get my bearings first.
Unfortunately I think that the people around me had better ideas and some of them were really giving me the creeps. They looked a little panicked for some reason to, oh I know. It’s the fact that there’s a teenage girl with wings lying down between them all. Actually come to think of it, why isn’t anyone moving around? There all like just standing their staring at me.
That’s when I saw some guy pointing a gun at me “BANG!” and tell you what I think I was treated like an animal cause all I remember after that was fuzzy images and some people talking who didn’t make much sense, I remember trying to fly and fall to the ground a few meters away.

That brings me back to the now though. Like why the hell am I stuck in a room with only a single bed, table in one corner with a chair and absolutely no windows. I suppose this is the moment where I would be extremely freaked out! Not saying I’m not but I’ve seen to many movies with insane people, ghosts and some action stuff. Now I understand why I maybe should have waited until I got home to stretch my wings instead of being stuck in this boring room. Oh and I forgot to mention, ‘They changed my clothes!’ and they no where in site. I actually liked those ones. When I think about it I think maybe I should be a little scared but for some reason I’m not. I’m incredibly angry, I feel like a bird trapped in a cage. Talk about ironic, I should have been more careful though and now I’m paying for it.
Ah well, I should be thinking of a way out right about now. Too bad I have no idea what I’m going to do to get out of here. Although I have plenty of things to do when I manage to actually get out of here. I haven’t even met my kidnappers, come to think of it I’ve been sitting here for what seems like half the day or night and I’m really hungry.

Having Wings seriously sucks, all’s I’ve managed to do is get myself in some of the worst situations. Like being shot at for one, oh and having to jump off a 4 story building to save a kid who probably got me in this mess to begin with.

‘WHAT DID I DO??!!?’

Some people would probably think “Cool I have wings and I can like fly every where.” DEAD WRONG. Flying is really exhausting, not that I mind it but I used to lie down on my back and now that’s pretty much impossible unless I want to put a wing out or something. So I’m just going to sit here, right here on this little bed that’s even smaller than mine at home. Kind of sucks though because it still fits me, I feel like I’m getting smaller and it sucks because I was already pretty small.

To much to think about I’m going to bed or what is maybe meant to be a bed even though its inbuilt into the wall.
Stupid Wings.

Too bad, I only just fell asleep as a man in a weird ‘BIO’ suit entered the room. Great, I’m being treated like a disease or something. This is kind of pathetic, unfortunately that’s when I noticed that the little trolley he pulled in had food on it. I noticed some drinks underneath and nearly wet myself. Yes for some reason I need to go to the ladies room when the food arrives and I don’t even know where I’m supposed to go.

I watched him move over to the table and put a tray of foods on the table and then put the drinks tray next to it. He was watching me carefully, I was doing the same thing though and it was kind of like when you look a predator in the eye. Really creepy.
I looked away and crawled under the blankets further and as soon as he left the room I darted out from under the blanket which would pass as just fabric and opened the first container. I burst out laughing, it had seeds on one side and nuts on the other. At least there funny I thought. Next container wasn’t much better, I just called it mush. Jeez I am a normal person you know, but then again not many normal people have wings. Come to think of it, I’ve only ever heard of angels having wings. Am I an Angel?…. Hope not.

The rest of the containers had mostly normal food and the drinks were fine. I did notice that everything was soft food though, it’s not like I’m going to choke on anything though.
Stupid Wings.
I fell asleep after that and woke up busting for the toilet. For some reason I felt really scared though, like it wasn’t me at all. It’s like something inside didn’t like these people and being in this room. I sought of knew what it meant though. Open sky’s……. Wait!! I never used to think like that. Come to think of it where did all my anger go?

Chapter 8
I officially hate my life, you probably already knew that though.
Any way I’d managed to not wet myself and find the toilet although I came close when the sliding wall scared the crap out of me. People did come to talk to me, unfortunately that change thing kept me hiding under the covers the whole time. I managed to ask when I can go home. They didn’t answer.

So I lay on the bed wondering what I’m going to do trying to keep myself from smacking myself on the walls out of boredom.
I’m so hungry now and they only let me eat soft foods. Its killing me, well not literally I hope.
I held my head in my hands and closed my eyes. Nothing, not a single thing comes to me except banging on the walls and the only thing that has come good of this is being able to keep my wings out. I noticed their lighter too. My muscles must be getting stronger or something and my head’s pounding.
I’m getting sick of this, I want out now! I walked straight up to the door that led out of my room and stared at it. My anger was boiling and it was the only thing holding me here. I was so angry that I began pacing getting faster until I couldn’t stand it I sat down on my bed. Only then did I notice that it was getting hot, but it wasn’t bad. It felt good. Like the air was vibrating, like it was agreeing with me. I traced my finger over the wall and stared. To shocked to move.
Right where I traced my finger there were black marks. As if someone went over it with a lighter and deodorant and yes I have tried it. I do not advise.
I began experimenting then, pushing harder. Not much happened, the wall didn’t suddenly light up in flames. Only it did melt a bit more, like seriously what was this room made out of?

My anger faded, I was surprised and then when I pushed again nothing happened. The room temperature was back to normal. Great, why do I feel responsible?
Probably because I’m the only one who’s really different around here and by now I know people have always been watching me.


What seemed like forever the food man came in again and I was driven back under my sheet again. Don’t ask why because I have no idea myself and its getting really annoying.
I watched him and when he wasn’t looking I worked up enough courage and at inhuman speed I jumped off the bed and sprinted for the door. He noticed me when it was too late. I was out the door and running towards what I hoped was a way out.
I turned around a corner and another and another until I was faced with a long straight hallway. Somehow I had managed to navigate my way through the maze. It was almost as if I knew where I was going and that’s one thing that at least helped me out in this crap couple of weeks.

Stupid wings.

I was halfway down the hallway when the exit in front of me was crowded with men. I wasn’t slowing down, I wanted out now!
They were pointing weird devices at me and were yelling at me to stop. I ignored them and sped up, they seemed to notice because they aimed and fired. I was angry, really angry. Why me!?!
The whole hallway heated up and what ever they fired at me seemed to burn up just as they were about to hit me. That wasn’t saying I was just hoping they wouldn’t hit me, I dodged and weaved.
They were scared now, like I might do something. But all’s I did was give them one last glance before I was past them and saw the door closed in front of me. Of course they wouldn’t leave it open, why would they. They wouldn’t help my grand escape.
I turned around and looked at the men. They seemed frightened and I tried to stifle a laugh at what I saw. They looked stupid and I was on the verge of bursting out laughing.
Oh my god if you had of seen what they were wearing. They looked so stupid. Unfortunately I couldn’t get enough time to look because the door opened and I wasn’t wasting any time.
They weren’t stupid though, they were waiting for me.

Did I forget to mention I hate my life.

Chapter 9
“Oh crap…” I whispered my heart wasn’t in it though.
Just because you might not remember, I was trying to escape from some facility or something. So far I’ve got a good laugh from it.
But right in front of me there was some sort of truck and there were several people around it. All of them looked like they were from the Army and they were all pointing their guns straight at me. My feet felt better anyway, so I relaxed them to make myself at least a little more relaxed. This isn’t going to end well.
I unfurled my wings and let them dangle by my knees, they felt better now and I really just wanted to sit down and relax in the nice air.
Not again, stupid change thing. Theirs people pointing guns at me and they will pull the trigger.
I must have moved to quickly though because I heard the sound of about 50 clicks. So there was more around me then I thought and they were hidden. I’m just hoping they don’t put a speaker on.
“Please go back to your room.” A voice suddenly boomed. Spoke to soon.
My head felt like it cracked it was so loud and I had to cover my ears a bit. I was shaking my head from all the ringing in my ears and then again “Please go back to your room.” Boomed through. I pulled my wings around me trying to shut it out.
It felt like someone was roaring inside my head. I just couldn’t stand it anymore.
“Can you understand me?” It boomed through again. I was reduced to sitting cross legged huddling in my wings cursing better hearing in my head. Then I heard something strange “What’s going on sir?” between two people.
“It’s in pain.” Sounded like one of the Army guys and when I found out who. I’ll get him for calling me an it.
“Seems so, do it again.” Another person replied.
“What did you want me to say, sir?” and suddenly I felt hot again. I focused on the speaker phone for some reason, I don’t know why. It was like I was the third person and then it burst into flames. One of the guys yelled and I back in watched first person again through the gap in my wings as it liquidized onto the ground.
My head was still ringing and now it felt like someone decided my head was a football. My vision was blurry. But I felt like I wasn’t going to pass out. I was a little stunned about what just happened though. Did I just do that? I think I did with the whole 3rd person thing. I’m so screwed now.
“I think that answers our question.” The man who must have been in charge said.
State the obvious.
Oww, headache and now I’m sleepy. This isn’t good, need…to…….go.
Wow, really need to go.
I stood up and bolted for the nearest gap startling the men their and nearly getting my head blown off as a bullet just missed my left wing and then like there was no tomorrow I jumped into the sky and tried to fly as quick and without falling as I could.
They were way behind me in seconds and I was soaring though the sky.
And, I loved every bit of it.
Pity there had to be a helicopter at the base because it was headed straight for me. Then something shot out of it, I dodged as it exploded. Covering me in something, the air didn’t smell right. Adrenaline burst and I was moving so fast my head felt like it might fall off. I decided I might want to stay low to avoid their tracking things.
And then everything seemed to be fading away. I was sleepy again.  I tried to fight it, but it was no use and I fell from the sky.
I felt myself hit the ground. But it was like I was miles away.
Chapter 10
I woke up to the buzzing noise of helicopters and the indescribable pain in my back. I rolled a little to the left and gasped as white hot pain shot through me. I tried to move at least a little to stand up and get away.
It hurt and it took me a few tries to get up without screaming, but I somehow managed. I had a look at myself, everything was blurry around the edges but I made out that I was covered in blood. Something was wrong with my wings and my left arm, maybe broken. My legs were only just holding me up but I managed to stand completely. The pain was coursing through me like a jack hammer, I stumbled a few times and fell over so many times that the pain only got worse. I was near somewhere, although surrounded by trees. I knew it, there was a town close. I could hear the traffic ahead of me.
“Not. Far. now.” I told myself through my teeth. Everything had got a little blurrier lately and I was having trouble picking through the overgrowth.
Just as I rounded a little more I noticed a building in front of me. I couldn’t tell what it was because I couldn’t see it properly and then for some reason I was suddenly looking up at it.
I must have fallen over again. I leant against my right elbow and tried to haul myself up through everything that was telling me to stay put or it would hurt more. But I had to keep moving, I had to find someplace safe to hide in.
I couldn’t get up properly, however I was able to drag myself up and lay up against the building. I was really cold, how hadn’t I noticed that before?
But I still need to keep going, find someplace warm and safe. “Find someplace warm-“ I grunted trying to get up “-and safe.” I told myself repeatedly, in a hope it might help get going. It helped a little, although standing up my wings were numb. It was better, but not a good sign. I couldn’t feel my fingers much either now. “Someplace warm and safe.” I said again.
I continued the never ending cycle in my head ‘just a few more steps’ ‘just a few more steps’. My vision was now nearly completely faded and my body could no longer to support me properly enough.
I felt like a zombie, moving along by what felt like shear will power. I didn’t know where I was going anymore, all I could hear was the traffic on the other side of the building and the small steps I continued to make.
About then another sound started in, the sound of rain. Typical wasn’t it, it felt nice though and it must be cleaning my wounds at least a little. It was warming me, I must be nearly gone I thought and just a few weeks ago I thought it would be great turning 16. Now I thought that it wasn’t. Because ever since then I’ve had to hide from everyone, in fear of them finding out about my wings. Now I hope they remember me, because now I can’t move anymore and I feel like I’m dying right now. ‘But I don’t want to’ I thought again, I want to go home and sleep. I mustn’t think about sleep, I have to be awake. I fell in to the darkness.
I woke up that morning to a horn from somewhere in the traffic, I wasn’t dead. That’s good, but I don’t feel much better. I lent up against my right elbow and got up off the floor and looked around. I was in some building I gathered, light was filtering in through a hole somewhere above me. Hitting me directly in the face, it felt like heaven.
I slowly got up, noticing I’d healed up quite a bit. I was bruised all over, I must have fallen through the trees when I fell out of the sky. I cringed, never want fall that far again. Hurt too much and I was probably lucky. My wings felt a lot better though, but they were still really hurting. Funny that, how you don’t notice the pain until you see the wound. It didn’t look like too much damage, but it still hurt a hell of a lot. My left arm was bent in a funny way, but it looked better. I needed help, I couldn’t go to the hospital though. I would be back at that place again before I knew it. Great, what have I managed to get myself into I thought. I’ve had barely any air time either. I suppose I should think I’m lucky I’d lasted that long and why did I fall out of the sky?
I left those questions for later. I felt dirty and I needed to get further away from that place.
I got up close to the wall finally and checked to make sure no one was there and to find someplace to continue going through. The sun was just rising. I spotted the road about 100m away and decided my best bet would be to follow that. But first I had to make my way around the building and then get out to the other side of town without anyone seeing me. In this state I could barely keep myself standing up let alone try and run from anyone. I also noticed where I must have laid down last night from the blood on the wall, I hadn’t got far.
I moved around to the side of the wall past the rusted drain pipes on the corner wall nearest wall and looked out towards where I heard the rush of traffic.  The town didn’t look to big, but it wasn’t small either. This was going to be a hard walk.
I stepped out from the wall and hid behind a dumpster. I glanced around it and thought that it might be a good time to get a move on, before more people start waking up. I didn’t know if it was a school day or not so I tried to continue in quick pace. This was about as fast as I normally go.
When the sun was nearly all the way up I decided it would be best to stop and rest to avoid the early risers. I’d began looking for a good spot to rest and I reached some sort of drain pipe that was wide enough to fit me.  I crawled in and put my feet down into ice cold water.
I backed out deciding that this wouldn’t be a good idea and cringed in pain, as I continued to move again hoping I could find a good place soon.
As I moved through back streets and the side of town I noticed all the homeless people sleeping and the few who looked at me tried to get far away from me. ‘I must look like death itself I thought’ and continued moving through the garbage.
I was losing focus again and I needed a rest so I laid down behind some trash.
“Stay where you are and won’t get hurt.” A man’s voice spoke. I leaned more towards the sound intent on listening.
“Please. Just take it and go!” A girl’s voice responded sounding scared. Sounded like it was coming from around the corner.
“No. Stay there, I might have some fun.” He replied. I perked up instantly and got up holding my arm intent on helping this girl. She started crying and I hurried, adrenaline spiked through me helping me break the pain. I moved around into the alleyway between the streets and noticed the girl breaking down in the corner trying to get away. She looked way to young, anger surged in me. Everything was warm again, but no one noticed but me. The man looked like the muggers you see on TV. Only he was holding a gun, I hate guns. His back was turned to me but the girl saw me, she gazed into my eyes desperately. I was now standing right behind the man and wondering what I was going to do. So I wacked the gun out of his hand. He turned around noticed me and grabbed my broken arm hard.  It really hurt, a lot more than before and I gasped. Then he took one look at my dangling wings and fear grew in his eyes. The fear that I see and know all too often lately, the fear of not knowing what you’re up against. I tried to push him away but he was already on the ball and I was a lot lighter than him. I hit the wall and clamped my teeth shut holding in the scream that was writhing in me. I looked down and noticed the broken glass bottle and grabbed it in my hand and then anger surged in me, people like him make me sick. I got up so quick my head span and the pain hit hard. But I was so over the top now that I didn’t take notice, I slammed the base of the bottle into the side of his head as he tried to pick up the gun lying in front of me.
He went down hard.
I began moving again registering the new pain I gasped and fell to my knees. The girl was right behind me shivering in fear. Probably more of me I thought.
More pain rushed to the surface as my wing smacked up against the walls and I groaned.
“Run.” I said, it coming out more like a whisper “Run!” I said harder and the girl got up, watching me turned around glanced at the man lying on the ground and sprinted out on to the street. I walked back to the side street and continued walking towards the other end.
Once I entered the side street I turned down another ally towards what I hoped was a exit back into the forest. So far I’d tried to stay by its side, but when I looked there was only another street and some houses. I couldn’t risk staying here because of that man, but what if someone saw me on the sidewalk and what if the police found me? I don’t know if the people who had me had notified all the surrounding towns or not. I just needed to get out of this area and lay low I guess, until I’m able to at least recover a bit.
I looked over my shoulder towards my wings, they looked bad. I might not be able to ever fly again, I didn’t have enough time to enjoy it at all.
Just then I noticed that the temperature hadn’t dropped yet and then fell to the ground gasping for breath. It was harder to breath and suddenly there was a massive overload in my back. It was warm, but it hurt so much I passed out.
I woke up maybe an hour later. Lying on the ground exactly where I had fallen. My throat was so dry and I felt queasy now. I felt so much better though, I took a look at myself and noticed that I’d healed really fast. Thank god for that, it was unbearable. But I still had what was probably a lot of broken bones and I really needed a wash before everything got infected.
I got up feeling light headed and started walking, after a while of some non-interesting things and anyone who saw me too scared to come near me. I must really look like a wreck. Although one homeless man asked if I needed help. I thanked him kindly and continued dragging myself across town.
I’d been walking for what felt like days when I reached the highway at the other end of town, ‘now what’ I thought. But my mind was to fuzzy to come up with anything so I continued walking along the road hidden in the trees. I was so hungry now that I was going to start eating the leaves and plants around me when I came to an abrupt halt. Ahead of me I saw the girl from earlier crying in a little clearing, was she still scared? Probably after seeing me, but I also heard what sounded like a stream so I headed around the clearing to it.
I was right, a little river sliced a narrow route through the trees. It was up to my hips deep, so I walked in and tried to clean myself up as best I could while taking huge gulps of water.
I turned around to let my wings in further when I saw that girl again staring at me, tears apparently had stopped coming.
I moved out of the water as fast as I could which was apparently not very fast and tried to get into the trees to get away. I mustn’t of being paying attention though, because I tripped on something and fell on my left arm. I cried out, the pain curing my fuzziness. I got up and was able to run very awkwardly back into the trees, I didn’t get very far though. I tripped and ended up on the ground again, the haziness starting to overcome me again.
‘No not here’ I thought, ‘keep moving…’
This was getting really annoying.
I was swallowed up back into the black abyss.


Note: More old Crap.



I awoke from the screaming of my mother. A bad dream I tell myself. I know its just a distant memory. A memory I thought I forgot. A memory that shakes me to the core.

It was the day I lost them and it has been hard. My father has taken me in since then. Although he disappears regularly. I always want to be by his side. I don’t want to feel loss like that ever again either.

I remember playing with Spot, we were out the back of my house playing tug-a-war. I was winning of course. He was only a dog. But I loved him like my little brother. He was small and nearly completely golden apart from the black spot on his side. I had only just turned nine a couple of days before and I was getting picked up by my father as my parents lived apart. My Mum was inside making my lunch for for the trip to Dads. I stopped teasing Spot when I heard his four-wheel-drive coming and got up to go meet him around the front. The forest surrounded us at the side and back of my Mums house but I was never aloud to go in it. So I didn’t. Unfortunately my Mum didn’t like the sun so I only really ever got to see it properly when I went to my Dads. I didn’t mind though, I know it annoyed her.

I arrived around the front just as Dad opened the four-wheel-drives door. He was wearing a shirt and shorts. His tanned skin and broad body were waiting for me. I didn’t like how he had cut his black hair short. But it did suit him. I ran over to hug him just as he closed the door.
“I love you Dad!” I’d said looking up at him. He was smiling down at me.
“Is your Mother around?” He said and I dropped one hand from his waist and pointed to the house. Spot was at our feet sniffing the air. His ears pricked up and a low growl escaped his throat.
“Stay here Alise”. I nodded and he jugged up to the house just as I heard someone screaming. He started sprinting just as I noticed it was my Mum. Her scream ended just as quickly as it started. I was scared but I stayed put. My Dad had told me to. Spot starting growling when a man came around the side of the house. Spots growling got louder and the man came towards me. I didn’t know what to do so I stayed put. Spot started barking manically at him. He kicked Spot and grabbed me as I watched him hit the tree with a sickening crunch. I just started crying when the ground came up to meet me. I hit the ground just as I heard something growling again. I looked hopefully towards Spot, he wasn’t moving.
“Sp….” My voice caught in my throat as the tears came harder. I tried to call out for my Dad. But nothing came out just as I was shoved into my Dads four-wheel-drive.

The next thing I know Dad has me in his arms driving onto the highway. Tears were falling from his eyes. I tried asking about Mum but nothing came out. Then suddenly I knew that I’d never see her again. I knew I’d never be able to play with spot again either.

Not Yet Known

Note: More Crap!
Not Yet Known

I am what you call a Vampire. It is one of the many names that my kind has been given over the centuries. Now I’m one of the last. I have survived being burnt, stabbed and impaled. But now I’m not so sure I will be around much longer. My kind in my eyes is all but extinct. It is our fault for our undoing. I was the blade, the prize and the love of our makers life. He is gone. But it needed to be done. We were stupid back then. We realized to late what we had done and our once great city was sunk beneath the waves. When I was reaching my 17th birthday I was turned into this monster. It was painful beyond anything I have ever felt, even now. The World was able to recover since then. Now it is being destroyed again, but by a different means.

I am my own, my self now. They are all gone. As I will to. Its sad really. I am the strongest. I was second only to him, my maker. He died for me. But if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have had to suffer this torment. I should be dead. Sometimes I wish I was. I didn’t want to be like this, I had no choice and the pain. I had lost my humanity.

I had lost everything. Now I’m over 16 000 years old and I won’t be able to hide much longer. Unlike your stories about us we do not have to drink blood to survive. It’s a drug, a hunger that can overwhelm us when we go for to long without it and is really only needed to stop the hunger. For a while anyway. The sun does not hurt us, but tire us. We cannot fly. But we do have superior strength and we are quick enough that sometimes we blur. Our eyesight is better then any creature. I can hear a moth flapping 3 miles away and I can hear everything you think of less then 20m away. But the man I am talking to doesn’t know that and he thinks he knows everything about me. He is trying to black mail me. One might say he is very, very stupid. Because I am starving and he smells good.

Looking through Blind Eyes

Note: More old crap.

Looking through Blind Eyes


I can feel the sun warming me. It must be morning, time to get up.

I pulled myself up and shifted my feet till they hit the floor and walked towards the window. I miss looking up at the sky. At the dreamy stars and the bright days.
But then life isn’t fair and you won’t get something by waiting for it. Unfortunately that was before the accident, I lost my Dad and my older brother Darren. My little sister Nikki was lucky, she was getting baby sat at the time. I don’t think I was lucky, I survived I was told. But that’s only half true. I lost just about everything and the only thing holding me up is Nikki.

She’s too young to have to look after me, she’s only just turned 13. I’m 3 years older than her and the accident happened 2 and half years ago. So she’s been holding us up for 2 years, that was after all the legal proceedings any way. Now we live with our Aunt. My Mums sister, our Mum past away when Nikki was born so we didn’t have a choice.

Our Aunts nice, but she doesn’t make it her business to know what where doing and she’s always working. Not that I mind, however it would be better for Nikki. She pays more attention to looking after me than with her friends, I wish she wouldn’t. I remember her being full of life and ready to go on a moments impulse.

I needed to stretch. The sounds and smells feel like they’re pushing me over. Confusing me and temporarily paralysing me. I shook myself out of it.
Nikki was breathing softly near me, calming me. I felt better knowing she was around me. Its selfish, but it’s the truth.

Vampire Story

 Note: More old crap.

 Vampire Story
“I’m so bored.” I said to myself.
“Shut up Sam!” Grace yelled from the other side of the wall.
“Jeez, it’s not my fault you know.” “I’ve been in this house the whole day, it gets pretty boring.” I replied. I heard her get up and stomp over to my door.
“Shut up and go to sleep!” She yelled through the door.
“Fine.” I answered and then to myself. “Ain’t gonna happen though.”
She burst through the door and yelled “You’re lucky I even let you stay here, so shut up and sleep!” I hid under the covers, scary. She stomped back to her room and got in her bed.
I waited until she was asleep and then I got out of bed, pulled on some clothes and went downstairs and sat down on the couch. I must have subconsciously begun playing with my hair because it was all around my face, annoying me. But keeping me occupied for the time being.
I’d cut my dark brown hair the night before out of boredom. I suppose I should move on again and let Stacy go about her life. She shouldn’t have to look after me, she’s probably only doing it because she’s scared of me anyway. Just like the last guy I was with, although he tried to stake me. Wasn’t really that much fun running around a house trying to avoid him. I ended up hiding under his own bed and he never looked for me there though. So being a Vampire is tough. Especially now, I’m thirsty again. I need to make a move to the hospital again. Blood bank, although that never stops the hunters. I’d have to go soon before they find me again. Unfortunately I’ll have to do that tomorrow, suns going to come up soon. Never want to be caught in it, not that I’ve ever been though. I wander how much it hurts or if it hurts at all. Certainly make my suicide easier to deal with. Never being able to see the sun again hurts, I used to play in it all day with Joe. She was what cool probably was and I haven’t seen anyone in months. They must think I ran away or that I’ve been kidnapped, maybe even dead.
Joe was around my age of 13. She was older too, but I had fun with her. My parents were really strict and didn’t like her at all. But then I didn’t like parents anyway. They never let me do anything and when they did it wasn’t any fun. I was no good at school work but I’m really athletic. They made me stay home though, so never played any sports.
I’m getting a little tired now, time for bed. I walked up the stairs towards the guest room and glanced at the mirror on the way up. Blue eyes, the same as always. At least some things aren’t true about Vampires. Although the whole holy thing is annoying. Let’s just say walking through a Mall at the end of the day and meeting a priest isn’t fun. What was weird though was that he knew what I was, but he didn’t care. He offered me a room even. I don’t know if it was a trap but his cross wasn’t really going to give him a yes. He might have noticed that it was holding me to the wall if he had being paying more attention. Luckily the whole can’t walk inside someone’s house unless they invite you is really only a myth. Otherwise I’d be outside now. Stacy found me huddled up in her guest bed one morning when she opened the curtains. Fortunately I was out of the sun, She got quite the surprise.


Just a note, this is stuff I wrote years ago.

Claire’s POV
The moon is rising, I have to keep moving. I can already feel the tingling sensation numbing me. My chest feels like it’s about to rip open, she wants out. But I have to reach somewhere safe first. I haven’t lived this long to get caught in this situation again. I always planned nights like this one carefully. It’s the only time that I can’t stop it. She must break free. If I keep her in too long she’ll burst out of her cage where I keep her under lock and key. These nights I’m much more dangerous than you could imagine and I’m only 13. Well 13 for a long time anyway, emphasis on the long and no I’m not going into detail. If you haven’t guessed by now what I mean I’ll spell it out for you. I’m what you call a Werewolf and right now the Moon is rising. Tonight the moon is full and I don’t have a choice but to change. Unfortunately I can’t change yet. I’m to close to the city and I’d rather not be shot or wake up in the pound. Yes that has happened and let me tell you, it wasn’t funny. Well not for me anyways. I knew that the darts put me to sleep now. Tranqlizers they called them and no I don’t pay much attention in the world. I’ve been told I’m simple minded.
Tonight I had been careless. I was so enticed into the TV that I fell asleep. I’d only noticed about an hour ago what I was meant to be doing. Now I have to find a safe haven somewhere in the city instead of my nice and cosy house just out of the city.
I’ve owned it since the beginning of the 1900th century and that’s only one of my houses. I’m not really hell bent on being rich but it does make everything a lot easier. I took it for granted and now I’ve got private inspectors breathing down my neck. I should snap there’s. But that’s not me talking. Well it is my instincts anyway and it’s hard trying to suppress them. When I change I found that my wolf self tends to prefer eating animals than actual people and I try to make sure she does as well. Unfortunately when I’m like that I’m not really in control of myself, more a backseat driver and she likes being petted, unusual I know.  Kind of ruins the whole scary werewolf thing right? Not really. When I first changed I nearly killed my brother. Luckily he knew it was me at the time and the only way to get changed revolves around getting large quantities of werewolf blood mixed into your blood stream.
It hurt like hell too and I didn’t get a choice in the matter.
I was walking back to my parents house a very long time ago and stumbled across a man named Caren, who at the time. Took my breath away, I was engaged at the time. I know, 13 is pretty young to get married. But I loved my fiancé with all my heart. He was killed by Caren and I was dragged away. He told me ‘You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen’. I thought he was crazy. I thought he’d completely lost it when he drew the knife from his pocket cutting his wrist in the process. Before I could even scream he had cut mine as well and smashed both our bloodied wrists together. After I’d passed out I’d been out of it for 3 days. Only awake enough of the time to hear a few words I couldn’t understand and screaming in agony. When I woke up on the 4th day my whole body was in pain. During that time he’d told me what he’d done to me and I’d screamed and cried at him for the remainder of the week as he’d brought half dead people to me. I couldn’t control myself at the time. It’s a painful memory.
After that I’d never looked at the world the same way.
My brother found me about a month later. He helped me get away, but not before he’d disposed of Caren with my help. Caren was a pure blood. So that made me the last one left. The last with pure blood in there veins.  Making me a prized possession to any other werewolf or hunter.  We’d travelled everywhere after that.
My brother never thought of me as a werewolf. At least I think he didn’t. In those days I’d stayed in wolf form because it had been more comfortable. I’d stayed by his side until he settled down and made a family. I’d left him then, but remained protecting them and his descendants until up to now. I suspected he knew. The day he died I’d howled until the sun rose. I still howl for him. I’d attended his funeral from afar. There were many people and even in human form I’m afraid of crowds. I’d really stick out because I’m a werewolf. I’d scared everyone attending when I started howling for him.
These days I’ve tried to mould into society to better protect his blood line. Through the centuries past I’ve always stayed by there side, mostly from afar and they’ve wrote story’s about me. To them I’m an ancient ancestor who still protects them now, in spirit. If only they knew.
I’d reached the park now and I knew I couldn’t go any further. The pain is too great.
I ran into the park mostly as a blur and changed in the bushes. First came the pins and needles, then the cage that I’d tried to hide my true self in ripped open. I gasped struggling to breath and arching my back. The change was coming on quickly and I was in extreme pain. I’d waited to long and as the change ripped through every part of my body I fell to the ground, vision blurring, sharpening and changing, senses become so acute I smelled the bin 20 meters away from me and puked. Making the pain even worse then it was. As my senses were already acute in my sort of human form. Yes I’ve forgotten what I used to look like after spending year after year as a wolf with my brother. Not that I regretted it and as the memories came flooding back. The pain lessened and I felt some comfort.
How long has it been since I’ve ever gotten close to someone. I’d only met a few people after my brother who accepted me. 2 of those were from his blood line and when I come to think of it. I don’t exactly know how old I am. Wolf instinct demands hardly let me think like that any more. I would check it later after I’ve cooled off.
As I’d already had my tail, ears and some other features still wolf in my human form the change didn’t take long and the wolf in me relished in being herself. We both enjoyed it. We both didn’t want to go back to human after this. But I knew I had to. Even if some characteristics were just a little different.
For example, humans don’t have tails. Even in human form I still have my tail. I also have my wolf ears which stick out on top of my head. If you’re wondering why, I can’t remember what my ears looked like and my tail stays to comfort me. My teeth, eyes and probably something else but I don’t take much notice aren’t normal either. Hearing from the top of my head is natural to me now because of the years gone by.
I remember when I last talked to my brother in human form I was slightly more human. I still had my tail and ears, possibly my eyes as well. I couldn’t talk to him properly either. These days I settle for being a mute. I can hardly remember how to talk like a human. I’ve tried really hard but so far I can only manage short words that really hurt my throat. I get my meanings across using my emotions and physical actions and I can still slightly write. I was never taught properly either so it’s an achievement because I’m too scared to try out a school. I don’t like being alone but I’m too scared to try. My lawyers nice but I don’t trust him.
Unfortunately my brother’s blood line has slimed in numbers this past decade. There’s only a handful left and I’ve centred myself on protecting the blind one of the family. She wasn’t born blind. I watched from a tree just off from the school road everyday. Watching her, wishing that someone would help me cure my loneliness. I felt confused. Wolf was in control and she wanted it more than anything. I know I wouldn’t harm her or anyone else in her family. I can smell my brother’s blood moving through their veins.
I went over to her house and sat below her bedroom window when I wasn’t hungry anymore. I could smell her, it made me feel safe and warm and I fell asleep.
Sam’s POV
I woke up from the noises outside my room. They swallowed me up and overwhelmed me. I was used to waking up like this. Ever since I lost my sight 4 years ago. Painful memories stirred of when I used to be able to run around and play with my friends and see the colour around me. Seeing the flowers and grass, the clear water and staring into the sky. It hurt knowing that I could never do most of that ever again. Instead I see a never ending sea of white. No shadows, no blurry outlined figures. Just the cold emptiness of seeing nothing but that White Sea.
I got up and walked over to my wardrobe hoping that it was right where I left it even though I knew it would be there.
My hand touched it and I began changing into my school clothes. I still missed never being able to see my beautiful hair and I wondered what I looked like now. I knew a lot had changed. I was told my eyes were the brightest blue, my hair was a honey brown and I was constantly told by my mother that I was beautiful. But really I didn’t know, I’d never know.
I was still short but it didn’t bother me. It actually helped my blindness.
As I left my room I heard a sound as if someone was jumping outside. I only heard it once though so it was probably nothing and I couldn’t go check without damaging my ego. Something was defiantly out there though.
Claire’s POV
I woke to the rising of the sun still in wolf form. I changed back to my near human state and climbed the tree near her window. I looked at my self in the reflection, nothing different. Same old glowing blue eyes. My brother’s blood line had still kept that traight. My hair had changed colour when I became a Werewolf, it was now a bright white with strands of black that were darker in some places. It reminded me that I looked like a beautiful white wolf. I smiled and kept a tighter lock on my cage. I wanted to be wolf again. At least I blended in with wolves, I had the height of a 10 year old so my body mass was average in wolf terms.
I own her families house so it won’t be demolished. It’s old and looks odd among the different buildings that line the street, out of date. I would get the house rebuilt and the occupants a house somewhere close by to stay until it was completed. Then they could move back in. The house was falling apart and I knew it needed to be demolished. I’d had to do it so many times now to my houses. I would have to ask Jerry. He was not just my lawyer, he was a bunch of other things. He knew what I was and looked after me and my funds. I knew he took money from me but I didn’t mind. I had a fortune and he was smart enough that no one else would notice. We had an agreement.
I jumped down from the tree and settled in the bushes just out side the living room windows. Watching her as she sat down and ate some breakfast. Her brother wasn’t home much anymore. I liked him because he reminded me of my brother in looks and how he acted.
My stomach growled and I growled back at it.
I left to go back to my house just as one of her friend’s arrived to walk with her to school.
Sam’s POV
I walked down stairs to the kitchen to get my breakfast from my Dad. I was never going to see my Mum again. She died as I lost my sight. I have disliked my Dad since that day. He was driving.
“Here’s your breakfast Sam.” My Dad said and he placed the plate in my hands. I muttered a ‘thanks and headed for the living room to eat. He hated it when I did.
Just as I finished I heard another out of the ordinary sound from out side and placed my plate on the kitchen table when I heard Millie walk up the steps to our front door.
Because I’m blind my other senses are more acute. My doctor explained that it’s my body’s way to compensate for no eye sight. It has its upsides.
Just as she was about to knock I opened the door and let Millie in.
“It’s really freaky when you do that Sam.” Millie said as she came in the door. I shrugged and got my school bag from the hanger just by the door. I called to Dad
“I’m leaving for school now Dad!”
“Ok Sam. Be careful today!” He called back from the Kitchen.
Claire’s POV
I got back to my house in less than 10 minutes. Anyone who saw me, which I highly doubt. Only saw a blur pass. My hair flowed around me as I stopped in front of the door. It then started sitting around my neck and shoulders.
I walked in through the front door and headed straight towards the kitchen. I opened the fridge and dug out some food and immediately began chewing it. It was good and I tried to savour the taste as long as I could. That wasn’t very long.
I had a bath and got dressed for the new day. Not that needed a wash or anything. It was just what people did these days. I don’t blame them either. Some people nearly make me throw up its that bad.